Aros Bostad Buys Building Rights

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad has acquired a part of a large development area in Åkers styckebruk, Strängnäs Municipality. The acquisition comprises 20 building rights for detached houses, and the right to acquire another 40 building rights.

K-Fastigheter Buys Building Rights in Höör and Mälardalen

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter plans to build approximately 95 rental apartments in the Group’s proprietary Lateral Low-Rise buildings in Höör, central Skåne. Also, K-Fast Kilen AB has acquired additional building rights in Strängnäs.

Stenvalvet Purchases from Vacse

Sweden Sweden — Stenvalvet purchases the 30,000 sqm social property Eldsund 6:6 in Strängnäs from Vacse for EUR 53M.