Peter Michael Tetzlaff in front of E20 Park in Copenhagen. The image is a montage.

"We Are Continuing to See Strong Demand from a Range of Occupiers"

Nordic — Verdion launches a second fund that will raise EUR 400M. With the new fund underway, Nordic Property News catches up with Peter Michael Tetzlaff, Head of Investment – Nordics at Verdion, about the state of the company’s current projects and the Nordic logistics market.
Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg.

"Many Companies Will Face Very Tough Times in the Coming Years"

Sweden Sweden — Annica Ånäs believes in three tough years ahead for the real estate industry and at the same time she feels that many business leaders still have their blinders on when it comes to the economic crisis. At Fastighetsmarknadsdagen Uppsala, Atrium Ljungberg's CEO shared more about how she sees the challenges ahead with more difficult financing and approaching interest rate shocks.
Vasakronan sells in Solna.

Vasakronan Divests in Solna

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan sells property in Solna for MSEK 410.
1245 Broadway.

Corem Signs a Lease Contract in New York

Sweden Sweden — Corem has signed a lease contract for approximately 555 sqm of office space at the project property 1245 Broadway in New York. The tenant, an American digital advertising company, will move in during the summer of 2023 and the lease term is five years.
Wojciech Wondell.

Wojciech Wondell Appointed New COO at Titania

Sweden Sweden — Titania has promoted Wojciech Wondell to COO/Operative Manager. Wondell has been employed at Titania since 2008 and has been part of the company's option program since the IPO. In recent years, Wondell has been employed as a project manager and mainly managed Titania's larger projects.
Johan Bråkenhielm, Sami Kiehelä, Frans Heijbel and Biljana Pehrsson.

The Top Nordic Recruitments in Q3

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the people who was recruited to the most attractive jobs in the Nordic real estate market during the third quarter of 2022.

September Figures: Major Drops on the Nordic Stock Markets

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction companies performed on the stock exchange in September.

Pictet and Brunswick Launch Danish Real Estate Company

Denmark Denmark — Pictet Alternative Advisors and Brunswick Real Estate are launching Lindu Ejendomme. The new Danish real estate company is founded with a seed portfolio of 10 separately acquired properties and a clear strategy for future investments within last mile logistic properties. The target is to at least double the portfolio in size.
Ilija Batljan, CEO of SBB Norden.

SBB Sells for MSEK 186

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is divesting seven properties in different Swedish municipalities in three different transactions. The sale price amounts to approximately SEK 186 million after deductions for overheads and deferred tax of a total of approximately SEK 11 million.
Marcus Johansson Prakt, CEO of Quartiers Properties.

Quartiers Properties Postpones Dividend on Preference Shares

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Quartiers Properties has decided not to resume dividend payments on the Company's preference shares at this time due to increased uncertainty in the world and changed business conditions.
Mikael Söderlundh.

Head of Research: This is When the Transaction Trend Will Turn

Nordic — The silence is telling – news about real estate deals that usually appear at the end of a quarter is conspicuous by its absence right now. Pangea's Head of Research Mikael Söderlundh confirms the picture of a continued "wait and see market". He tells Nordic Property News when he thinks the tide will turn and talks more about the trends in the market and why the current status may pave the way for a familiar return later on.
Rikard Henriksson, Managing Partner at Niam.

After the Key Recruitments: How Niam Will Grow in Norway

Norway Norway — Rikard Henriksson, Managing Partner at Niam: “We believe there will be some acquisition opportunities in 2023.”
Bygdøy allé 9.

Madison and Carucel Create Norwegian Residential Platform

Norway Norway — Madison International Realty and Carucel Eieindom, announce that they have created a new residential platform, Carucel Living, which will focus on the Oslo rental market.
Anders Danielsson, CEO of Skanska.

Skanska to Build Ambulatory Care Cancer center in New Jersey

Sweden Sweden — Swedish construction company Skanska has signed a contract with RWJBarnabas Health to build an ambulatory care cancer center in Livingston, New Jersey, USA. The contract is worth USD 58M, about SEK 570M, which will be included in the US order bookings for the third quarter 2022.
Rutger Källén, Deputy CEO and CFO at Hemsö.

Hemsö Increases Committed Credit Facilities to SEK 13.5 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö has increased its credit facilities with SEK 2 billion, of which SEK 1 billion from Handelsbanken and SEK 1 billion increase of the subscription agreement from the Third Swedish National Pension Fund.
Morten Roland.

"Underlyingly Norway Has a Relatively Strong Rental Market"

Norway Norway — Niam sets up the position to grow on the Norwegian market through the appointments of Morten Roland and Bjørn Olav Smørgrav. The incoming Country Manager, Morten Roland, tells Nordic Property News what attracted him about Niam, the company’s position and growth opportunities in Norway and about his view of the Norwegian market.
The nordic real estate companies have lost huge sums in market value on the stock exchange during September.

Billions are Pouring Out of The Real Estate Companies on The Stock Exchange

Nordic — The nordic real estate companies have been dealt merciless blows on the stock market during September - Nordic Property News has looked at how many billions the companies have lost in market value during the pitch-black month.
Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg.

Annica Ånäs Leaves JM’s Board of Directors

Sweden Sweden — Due to the recruitment of personnel, representatives of JM assess that there is a risk of a conflict of interest between Annica Ånäs’s role as board member of JM and her role as CEO of Atrium Ljungberg. Annica Ånäs has therefore chosen to leave JM’s Board of Directors.
Veidekke's new HQ in the Ulven neihbourhood of Oslo.

Veidekke Starts Construction on HQ in Oslo

Norway Norway — Veidekke Bygg has been commissioned by Ulven B1 Næringstomt AS (owned 50/50 OBOS and Veidekke ASA) to build a new head office for Veidekke in Oslo’s Ulven neighbourhood.
NCC has signed an agreement with the City of Turku to build the Suikkila school and a preschool in Turku.

NCC Creates School and Preschool in Turku

Finland Finland — NCC has signed an agreement with the City of Turku to build the Suikkila school and a preschool in Turku. The assignment is a two-phase turnkey contract valued at approximately SEK 200 million.
Sami Kiehelä.

Sami Kiehelä's Goals as New CEO of Premico

Finland Finland — Sami Kiehelä has returned to the real estate industry as CEO and Partner of Premico. Upon his return he tells Nordic Property News what attracted him about join Premico, what he hopes to accomplish in his new role, what he learned during his break and about Premico’s status in the market.
Liia Nõu, CEO of Pandox.

Pandox to Remain Net Buyer

Nordic — Recently, Pandox has both acquired and divested hotel properties outside of the Nordics. After the two transactions, CEO Liia Nõu tells Nordic Property News about the deals, the company remaining a net buyer and about her view of the hotel market at the moment.
Morten Roland.

Niam Appoints New Country Head for Norway

Norway Norway — Niam appoints Morten Roland as new Country Head for Norway and recruits Bjørn Olav Smørgrav as new Associate Director.
Eva Landén, CEO of Corem.

Corem Withdraws Tender Offer

Sweden Sweden — Corem has decided to withdraw the outstanding tender offer for the Corem 2020/2023 SEK bonds and Corem Kelly AB's due to prevailing market conditions.
Skanska builds in Flemingsberg.

Skanska Builds Office Building and Innovation Premises in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Skanska has signed an agreement with Fabege to build a new office building with associated innovation center for High-speed separators in Flemingsberg, Stockholm. The agreement is worth approximately SEK 800 million.