The student accommodations are built in the city district of Sandarna and it contains about six houses, which are between seven and eight floors high, comprising in total 22,000 square meters.

"It is very gratifying that we can implement this construction project for SGS Studentbostäder. We have been talking for several years about the possibility of jointly creating attractive student housing and now we have landed in this agreement, which feels very good," says Mikael Hammarfjord, district manager, Skanska Sverige.

The demand for student housing is high in Gothenburg, as well as in most university cities in Sweden. Today there are about 7,000 student accommodations in Gothenburg.

"Being able to order the construction of 327 apartments by Skanska feels very positive regarding achieving our goal of building 800 apartments over a five-year period," says Magnus Bonander, Real Estate Manager at SGS Studentbostäder.

The construction work will begin in August 2019 and the houses will be ready for occupancy during 2022.