Veidekke has won the competition to erect two new buildings, which will comprise 4,760 square meters and 850 square meters across four and three storeys respectively. In addition, two existing school buildings from 1905 and 1999 shall be modernised with acoustic measures, new roofs, ceilings, lifts, etc.

“We appreciate the confidence shown in us and are very much looking forward to extending the good cooperation we have had over the past year with the county municipality by building extensions for Eilert Sundt upper secondary school in Lyngdal. School buildings are very important buildings for the community, which give us at Veidekke extra pleasure and motivation. It is particularly pleasing to see the joy and enthusiasm among children and young people the first day they are allowed to use a new school,” says District Manager Atle Monan of Veidekke Bygg Agder.

“In Agder we have for the past five to six years at all times had two to three school projects under construction. Nationwide Veidekke has had around 25 ongoing school projects in recent years. This means that both our local and national expertise is very good, to the benefit of our clients and not least pupils and teachers,” Monan concludes.

The contract between Vest-Agder County Municipality and Veidekke also includes options for additional works. Actual construction starts in the course of August, and completion is scheduled for Q2 2021.