CMNPI was established at the end of 2017 and is one of few non-UCITS funds investing in real estate with a Nordic scope. The fund has completed a total of nine transactions to date in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The fund’s assets are diversified across various property types and its gross asset value has reached EUR 130 million. From the fund’s inception date to today, the fund has returned approx. 13 percent.

“This distribution partnership combines two strong brands. CapMan’s long experience in investing in Nordic real estate markets and its alternatives asset class know-how meet Nordea’s strong networks and market leading wealth management practice in the Nordics. CMNPI has had a flying start and the first year for the fund has provided excellent returns.* The expanded distribution enables us to significantly grow the fund size while offering a wider group of investors a cost-efficient way to diversify their real estate investments across geographies and different property types,” comments Mika Matikainen, Managing Partner and Head of CapMan Real Estate.

Following the distribution agreement, CMNPI becomes part of Nordea’s product portfolio and enables the distribution of the fund directly to Nordea’s customers. The threshold to invest becomes lower as investors can subscribe for the fund starting from an investment of EUR 5,000.

“CapMan’s strong know-how and specialised alternative assets expertise, including expertise in real estate, broadens Nordea’s investment product offering and provides access to a high-quality Nordic real estate fund for Nordea’s wealth management customers. CapMan also has other products positioned for professional investors that we can include in our product offering at a later stage. Co-operation with strong fund managers is important for Nordea as we want to maintain our position as the best and most awarded wealth manager in the Nordic countries also in the future,” says Tanja Eronen, Co-head, investment products at Nordea.

“We are extremely pleased with the co-operation with Nordea, which is a great example of the execution of our strategy. The distribution agreement allows a more diversified group of investors to benefit from the local expertise and networks of our Nordic real estate team. In the future, we may expand the product portfolio offered through partners also to other product categories,” says Joakim Frimodig, CapMan’s CEO.