The portfolio includes 62 homes in the regulated sector and 80 homes in the liberal sector. The houses are spread over a total of 21 complexes in full ownership, 15 located in Rotterdam and 6 in Amsterdam.  

"We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Damborg. Our vision is to be a friendly and sustainable housing company for everyone. This acquisition, with homes in both the regulated as well as the liberal sector, fits our strategy perfectly", says Robert-Jan Reeuwijk, Investment manager at Heimstaden Netherlands. 

Heimstaden entered the Dutch market in 2018 and has expanded its portfolio to more than 10,000 homes. The housing company has a long-term perspective and will throughout 2020 establish an own management in several regional offices that will serve most of the portfolio, including the 142 homes Heimstaden Bostad bought from DamBorg. 

“To achieve Friendly Homes for all customers we need to be a part of the whole value chain. With an own management established, we are better positioned to improve the customer services and sustainable solutions”, says Reeuwijk.  

To expand the Dutch residential portfolio, Heimstaden established in the fall of 2019 a Dutch investment team located in Amsterdam. The agreement with DamBorg is the first acquisition to be completed by the in-house investment team of Heimstaden Netherlands. ​