Heimstaden Bostad to Raise SEK 4 Billion in Equity

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad AB announces that authority has been granted by the shareholders, at an extraordinary general meeting held on 8 January, to raise an additional SEK 4 billion in equity through a directed new share issue towards existing shareholders, Heimstaden, Alecta, Ericsson and Folksam Group. The issue will be completed on 12 January.

How Heimstaden Finalized the All-Time High Residential Deal

Denmark Denmark — Christian Fladeland, co-CIO of Heimstaden, tells Nordic Property News about the acquisition of HD Ejendomme from Niam for about EUR 1.63 billion, the background of the massive investment, and future growth in Denmark.

Niam and Heimstaden in Record-Breaking Residential Transaction

Denmark Denmark — Niam has signed an agreement to sell a Danish residential portfolio, which includes the real estate company HD Ejendomme, to Heimstaden. A total of 152 residential properties are included in the portfolio, comprising 6,237 residential units, of which several have been developed during Niam's ownership.

Why the Polish Market Attracts Heimstaden

Nordic — Co-CIO Christian Fladeland: “The average quality in the rental market is not meeting the requirements of today’s tenants.”

Nyfosa Divests Residential Properties to Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement with Heimstaden to divest two properties in Eskilstuna at an underlying property value of MSEK 445.

Heimstaden Bostad Enters Poland

Nordic — Heimstaden’s subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad AB, announces the acquisition of two build-to-rent projects in Warsaw, Poland, from the French developer and contractor, Eiffage, which also will act as the general contractor.

Heimstaden Acquires Property Projects in Strängnäs

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden’s subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad, has acquired four turn-key property projects in Strängnäs, Sweden from Framfastgruppen.

Heimstaden Strengthens Management Team and Scales Up International Presence

Nordic — Heimstaden announces the appointment of Paul Spina as Chief Asset Management Officer and Stan Kubacek as Senior Managing Director of Heimstaden’s Central and Eastern Europe investment team.

Heimstaden Issues Bonds for a Total Amount of SEK 1 Billion

Nordic — Heimstaden has successfully issued two senior unsecured bonds. The first bond amounts to SEK 500 million, has a tenor of 3.25 years and a floating interest rate of STIBOR 3m + 330 basis points. The second bond amounts to SEK 500 million, has a tenor of 5 years and a floating interest rate of STIBOR 3m + 400 basis points.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires Large Property Portfolio in Linköping

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad AB has acquired all shares in Von Dufva Fastighets AB, which is the owner of a portfolio consisting of twelve properties in Linköping, with 457 rental apartments and a total lettable area of ​​approximately 31,500 square meters.

Heimstaden, Magnolia and Derome Forms JV

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden AB's subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad AB has signed an agreement with Magnolia Bostad AB to jointly acquire land from Derome AB in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Together, the two companies will develop and construct approximately 1,600 apartments with a total area of​​ 100,000 sq.m., subject to regulatory approval. The project value upon completion is estimated to SEK 3.0 billion.

Heimstaden Bostad Makes Blockbuster Residential Acquisition in Berlin

Nordic — Heimstaden AB’s subsidiary, Heimstaden Bostad, announces that it has signed a purchase agreement for the acquisition of 130 properties comprising a total of 3,902 residential units, 208 commercial units and 321 parking spaces in Berlin, Germany – a total of 282,000 square meters of lettable area.

Magnolia Sells Residential to Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad has sold residential units in the new Partille Port district to Heimstaden Bostad. Around 230 residential units are planned in the property of 12,500 sqm GFA as well as 3,000 sqm GFA of retail units and an underground garage. The estimated property value upon completion is around SEK 560 million.

Magnolia and Heimstaden in New Transaction

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad signs an agreement to sell the Västra Erikslid project in Skellefteå municipality to Heimstaden Bostad. The project involves the development of approximately 300 residential units of 21,000 sqm GFA. Estimated property value at completion is about MSEK 475.

Magnolia Sells to Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad has sold an additional project to Heimstaden Bostad, this time in Ursvik, Sundbyberg’s municipality. The sale is consisting of around 380 residencies, a nursery school, 8 retail premises and 168 garage spaces. The estimated property value at completion will be around SEK 1.0 billion.

Heimstaden Makes Eskilstuna Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden acquires a school property and 559 homes in Eskilstuna from Eskilstuna Kommunfastigheter.

Heimstaden Buys Project Property in Sundsvall

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad AB has from Magnolia Bostad acquired the first stage in Norra Kajen, Sundsvall Municipality. The project includes the development of 360 apartments and the property value upon completion will amount to approximately MSEK 670.

Former Nordea CEO New Chairman of Heimstaden Bostad

Nordic — Casper von Koskull is appointed new Chairman of the Board in Heimstaden Bostad.

Heimstaden's New Country Manager: “We Are Stress-Tested These Days”

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden has appointed Michael Byrgesen Hansen as Country Manager in Denmark. To Nordic Property News he tells about the upcoming challenges, why Heimstaden has succeeded in Denmark and why the company will stand through the corona crisis.

Heimstaden Makes Large Purchase in the Netherlands

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden has acquired a Dutch residential portfolio consisting of 41 assets comprising of 2,023 homes and 60 commercial units as well as adjacent parking facilities. The portfolio consists of 138,900 sqm lettable area in total. The transaction price is EUR 375M.

Heimstaden Acquires 142 Homes from Damborg

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad AB expands its Dutch portfolio with the acquisition of 142 homes from Damborg. The acquisition of approximately EUR 44M has been completed.

Heimstaden Appoints Country Manager in the Netherlands

Nordic — The Nordic residential company Heimstaden has announced the appointment of Eddo Rats as new Country Manager in the Netherlands.

Heimstaden Appoints New Country Manager in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden appoints Michael Byrgesen Hansen as Country Manager in Denmark.

Heimstaden Bostad Acquires from Magnolia Bostad

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad has acquired Magnolia Bostad's project Slipsen in Södra Råbylund, Lund Municipality. The project started production in December 2019 and includes the development of approximately 780 apartments of 45,000 sq.m. BTA. Estimated property value at completion amounts to approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

Heimstaden Strengthens the Management

Nordic — Heimstaden has the last year expanded to the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, in addition to increasing its portfolio in the Scandinavian countries and Germany. The company has strengthened the management with new key personnel with international overall responsibility.