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Heimstaden Makes Major Acquisition in Denmark

Heimstaden has acquired a Danish portfolio with residential properties in five regions. The transaction price is EUR 343M.

Heimstaden Buys More in Copenhagen

Heimstaden, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, has entered into an agreement to acquire an ongoing construction project in the Copenhagen area.

Heimstaden Acquires Two Copenhagen Projects

Heimstaden acquires two housing projects in Copenhagen for approximately EUR 106M.

Heimstaden Buys Copenhagen Project

Heimstaden has, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark, acquired a project property in the Copenhagen area. The project Bagsvaerdlund in Gladsaxe municipality is purchased from the real estate and development company Calum.

Heimstaden Buys 1,088 Apartments in Linköping

Heimstaden has agreed to purchase 1,088 apartments from Stångåstaden in Linköping.

Heimstaden Makes Large Acquisition in Copenhagen

Heimstaden acquires residential block in Copenhagen for EUR 227M.

Heimstaden Acquires 1 601 Apartments in Umeå

Heimstaden has purchased 1 601 apartments from Bostaden in Umeå.

Heimstaden Buys in Copenhagen for EUR 118M

Heimstaden has bought the residential project Ö-huset in Copenhagen from Skanska.

Heimstaden Expands Further in Copenhagen

Heimstaden, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, has entered into an agreement to acquire its fourth project property in Copenhagen.

Heimstaden Acquires Ståhl Fastigheter for EUR 162M

Heimstaden has agreed to acquire Ståhl AB (formerly Kretia). The portfolio consist of approximately 90,000 square meters and is distributed to about 45 000 sq.m. in Norrköping and about 45 000 sqm in central Uppsala.

Heimstaden Sells to Magnentus

Heimstaden has sold the block Gripen in central Norrköping. The block contains approximately 6 000 square meters of commercial space and 3 000 square meters of housing.

Heimstaden Acquires Three Development Properties in Copenhagen

Heimstaden has, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, have entered into agreements to acquire three real estate projects in Copenhagen for a total of 265 apartments and 2,500 square meters of space. At the same time Heimstaden acquires residential apartments in Falköping in Sweden.

Heimstaden Makes Large Acquisitions

Heimstaden has signed an agreement to acquire 13 properties in Ystad owned by Brogripen. The company has also purchased five properties in Copenhagen.

Heimstaden Acquires Residental Block in Norrköping

Heimstaden has acquired a group of properties in central Norrköping from Magnentus.

Heimstaden Acquires 28 Properties in Ystad

Heimstaden has signed an agreement to acquire 28 properties in Ystad owned by HP Holding AB.

Heimstaden Acquires 105 Residential Units in Copenhagen

Heimstaden AB has, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A / S, have entered into an agreement to acquire a portfolio of 105 residential units in the area of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.

Niam Sells Residential Portfolio in Copenhagen

‚ÄčNiam has entered into an agreement to sell a residential portfolio of approximately 13,800 sqm to Heimstaden, a Swedish property company for a price of approximately DKK 422 million (€56.6 million).

2,000 Apartments in Växjö Sold

Municipal Växjöbostäder divests 1,923 apartments to Nordhalla and Victoria Park for approximately SEK 1.5 billion (€158M).

Heimstaden Purchases in Värnamo

The portfolio consists ten properties containing 174 flats and 35 commercial premises. Total area is about 19,300 sqm and sellers are VärnaBo AB.

Castellum Acquires Remaining Assets of Former Ståhls

Castellum has acquired the remaining 50% of CORHEI Fastighets AB (previously Henry Ståhl Fastigheter AB), through Fastighets AB Corallen, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Underlying real estate values amount to MSEK 2,083 (€225M).

Heimstaden Purchases 303 Apartments in Copenhagen

Swedish Heimstaden purchases a portfolio of 303 apartments in Copenhagen from Danica Ejendomsselskap for MDKK 980 (€131 M).

Heimstaden Purchases from Niam in Copenhagen

Heimstaden purchases nine residential properties in Copenhagen from Niam, for DKK 1.4 billion (€188M).

Heimstaden Purchases CA Fastigheter’s Karlskrona Portfolio

Heimstaden purchases CA Fastigheter’s Karlskrona portfolio for MSEK 690 (€ 75 M).

Heimstaden Initiates Danish Venture

Heimstaden takes the step across Öresund and purchases 129 condominiums in Copenhagen.

Castellum and Heimstaden Enter into Major Transaction

Castellum and Heimstaden have completed a deal involving property values worth SEK 2.4 billion (€257M). In all, the transaction comprises 27 properties, totalling 186,668 sqm in Norrköping, Linköping, Örebro and Solna. The transaction also marks the beginning of a joint venture in the urban development of Linköping and Norrköping.