The Group Director Parking Letting is a new role within Heimstaden and has been established to optimize operational results for the over 40,000 parking spaces in the organisation’s portfolio, accounting for around 1.4% of the total rental income. Gijsen will develop an international letting strategy for the parking portfolio and set up and coordinate a uniformed customer journey across Heimstaden’s various markets.

“A home consists of more than just the four walls of an apartment,” says Gijsen. “The direct environment plays an important role, accessibility and parking are essential parts of that. I look forward to optimally leveraging our parking capacities to fit our customers’ local mobility needs with a Friendly parking strategy.”

Gijsen has been part of Heimstaden in the Netherlands ever since the beginning. In 2017, he started as a Sales Manager at Vivo Wonen, the asset management company that was acquired by Heimstaden in 2019. Gijsen then switched to an Asset Management role and in 2020 took the responsibility of Head of Letting for Heimstaden’s Dutch branch. Before joining Heimstaden, Gijsen worked in various other roles in the real estate industry.

“Justin has extensive experience in setting up a Friendly customer letting experience and is well-acquainted with our organization’s customer satisfaction and sustainability ambitions,” says Eddo Rats, COO of Heimstaden. “I look forward to continue working with Justin on a future-proof parking strategy that strengthens our Friendly Homes concept.”