Heimstaden prioritises continuous improvement, adjusting the Management Team today to enhance financial and operational performance further.


Helge Krogsbøl comments:

"I am pleased that Christian is stepping up as co-CEO alongside me. While it represents a marginal practical change, our aligned roles and complementary skills will further strengthen our position as a market leader in the residential industry."


Christian Fladeland comments:

“I am excited to join Helge as CEO of Heimstaden. Our organisation has evolved significantly in recent years, implementing measures that have notably boosted our results. This proactive approach will continue to strengthen our company, ensuring sustained success in the future.”


Heimstaden’s Management Team consists of:

Helge Krogsbøl, co-Chief Executive Officer

Christian Fladeland, co-Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Alexander Hansen, Chief Financial Officer

Suzanna Malmgren, Chief People and Culture Officer

Eva Møland Tørsleff, Chief Legal Officer

Christian V. Dreyer, Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer

Paul Spina, Chief Asset Management and Sustainability Officer

Rodin Lie, Chief Technology Officer

Nikolaj Degn Brammer, Chief Commercial Officer