The Key to another Copenhagen Deal

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden’s Tom Rasmussen on the explosive developments in Copenhagen, why they struck once again and how the transaction team guarantees more business in the future.

Colliers Partner Lands Top Position with Heimstaden

Denmark Denmark — Christian Fladeland, the youngest partner of the 13 Colliers partners in Denmark, is leaving Colliers to become Chief Investment Officer with Heimstaden. He joined the company, then Sadolin & Albæk, 12 years ago.

Major Residential Player Makes Management Changes

Nordic — One of the leading Nordic residential players makes management adjustments. At the turn of the year Magnus Nordholm replaces Ivar Tollefsen as CEO of Fredensborg, the owner-company of Heimstaden. Magnus Nordholm tells Nordic Property News what this means for the company.

Heimstaden Acquires from NREP

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden acquires a portfolio of condominiums in eight properties located in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Vejle for DKK 1.128 billion (EUR 151M).

Heimstaden Acquires in Sandviken

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden has agreed upon the acquisition of six properties in Sandviken from Provinsfastigheter. The portfolio consists of 449 apartments and central commercial facilities with a total leasable area of 40,116 sqm.

Heimstaden Enters New Market

Nordic — Heimstaden has completed its first transaction in the Netherlands. The property is located in Utrecht and consists of smaller apartments in close proximity to the university.

Heimstaden Makes New Danish Acquisition – Forms JV

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, has partnered with project development company KPC regarding the acquisition and construction of the Slagterigrunden project, a project property in Roskilde.

Largest Nordic Transactions of H1 2018

Nordic — An intense first half of 2018 is in the books. The Nordic countries are on pace to set a new transaction record. Nordic Property News has listed the ten largest transactions.

Ikano Sells to Trianon and Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Ikano sells to Heimstaden and Trianon, which has signed an agreement to buy a property portfolio of a total of eight properties in Malmö and two properties in Lund. The portfolio comprises 388 apartments and a smaller number of commercial premises. The transaction price is EUR 69M.

EUR 929M Deal on Rocky Residential Market

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden has entered a framework agreement with Magnolia Bostad for projects in Greater Stockholm and the Öresund region worth approximately EUR 929M. Fredrik Årman, Head of Transaction at Heimstaden, tells Nordic Property News on the thoughts of making a blockbuster deal on the current residential market.

Heimstaden Makes Push in New Growth Area

Sweden Sweden — Transaction Manager Claes Westlin tells Nordic Property News why Heimstaden looks to grow in Gävle.

Heimstaden Buys Apartments in Linköping

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden has agreed to purchase 96 apartments in the Vallastaden in Linköping. The stock consists of newly produced rental rights with a total leasable area of 5,103 square meters.

Heimstaden Acquires in Copenhagen for EUR 66M

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden has agreed to acquire the housing copperative Ringertoften, Copenhagen. The acquisition includes 411 apartments and two commercial premises, a total of about 23,720 square meters of rentable area.

Heimstaden Recruits New Chief Operations Officer

Nordic — Heimstaden has appointed Helge Krogsbøl as Chief Operations Officer. Helge Krogsbøl will be responsible for Heimstaden's Scandinavian management organization with a focus on growth and customer experience.

After Danish Spending Spree – Heimstaden Acquires Sought After Swedish Apartments

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden's transaction manager Fredrik Årman tells Nordic Property News about the company's struggle to grow in Lund.

Heimstaden Buys Two Properties in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden acquires two properties with 80 apartments in Trelleborg.

Swedish Big-Spender Restructures – Opens Up for New Acquisitions

Nordic — After several large investments in both Sweden and Denmark – Heimstaden restructures their portfolio. The company's Deputy CEO Magnus Nordholm tells Nordic Property News about how the changes will open up for more acquisitions.

The Largest Swedish Residential Transactions

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News completes the breakdown of Swedish residential buyers and sellers with a list of the ten largest residential transactions in 2017/2018.

Largest Swedish Residential Buyers

Sweden Sweden — The turbulent housing market has dominated the industry news the past few months. Nordic Property News shares a unique list of the companies that purchased most residential properties in 2017/2018.

Heimstaden Continues to Grow in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, has entered into an agreement to acquire housing in the Valby district of Copenhagen.

Largest Swedish Residential Sellers

Sweden Sweden — The turbulent housing market has dominated the industry news over the past few months. Nordic Property News shares a unique list of the companies that sold most residential in 2017/2018.

Heimstaden Refills War Chest – Makes New Danish Acquisition

Denmark Denmark — Deputy CEO Magnus Nordholm tells Nordic Property News about Heimstaden's new investment plans after receiving EUR 175M from its owner.

Heimstaden Acquires Six Properties in Gävle

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden has signed a deal with Svedinger Fastigheter to acquire six properties in central Gävle.

Malmö’s Largest Owners

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the largest owners in Sweden’s three biggest cities starting with Malmö.

Largest Danish Transactions in 2017

Denmark Denmark — 2017 was an intense transaction year for all the Nordic countries. With the year in the books Nordic Property News can present a list of the largest transactions in all four countries – today the turn has come to Denmark.