SLP has previously made a number of acquisitions of warehouse and logistics properties in Nässjö. Now the portfolio is expanded with yet another property in Nässjö. The acquired property has a lettable area of approximately 15,000 square meters. Tenants in the property are Office, Riksbyggen and Privab. SLP thus owns a total of over 90,000 square meters in Nässjö.

"Since our first acquisitions in Nässjö, we have received several interesting requests to expand our portfolio at the resort and now we choose to acquire yet another property with a good location and great development potential. In addition, it is located right next to one of the properties we already own, which is valuable in terms of management," says Peter Strand, Chairman of the Board of SLP.

"We are very pleased that SLP has chosen to invest so clearly on Nässjö. This enables new establishments in the city and also creates good development opportunities for already existing Nässjö companies," says Claes Johansson, CEO of Nässjö Näringsliv.