SLP secures another lease in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has signed a lease with a new tenant, TR Electronic, in the property Kruthornet 3 in Helsingborg. The agreement runs for five years and the annual rent is approximately SEK 700,000.

SLP makes acquisition in Borås

Sweden Sweden — SLP acquires upgradeable logistics property of 19,000 square meters and continues to grow in Borås.

SLP signs construction and lease agreement

Sweden Sweden — SLP has signed an agreement regarding a new construction project of 11,000 square meters in Katrineholm as well as a 15-year lease with an international logistics company for the entire area. The annual rent amounts to approximately SEK 16 million and is fully indexed.

SLP acquires two properties in Malmö and Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has acquired and taken ownership of two fully leased properties, Malmö Flygledaren 6 and Åstorp Hyllinge 36:275, with a total lettable area of 18,500 square meters. The agreed property value amounts to SEK 317 million.

SLP signs lease agreement in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has signed a new lease agreement with the existing tenant in the property Aggregatet 4 in Helsingborg.

SLP takes ownership of property in Hallsberg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has today taken ownership of a property in Hallsberg of 280,000 square meters after the property formation has gained legal force.

SLP acquires property in logistics area

Sweden Sweden — SLP has, through a corporate transaction, acquired and taken possession of the property Vaggeryd Stödstorp 2:22 in Stigamo outside Jönköping.

SLP extends lease agreement and builds in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — SLP extends lease agreement with Inission Syd and builds an extension to existing space. The new lease, which is fully indexed, runs over 10 years with an annual rent of SEK 5m.

SLP utilizes building rights and builds to existing tenant

Sweden Sweden — In March this year, SLP signed a seven-year lease with a global technology company regarding the entire existing area of 2,900 square meters at the Timglaset 2 property in Landskrona. There is a building right on the property which will now be used for the same tenant when an extension of 1,400 sqm will be built.

SLP Extends Lease with Veolia in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — SLP has extended a lease with Veolia by three years regarding the property Eskilstorp 14:97 in Malmö.

SLP and Nyfosa in Big Transaction

Sweden Sweden — Swedish Logistic Property has acquired and taken possession of four properties with a total lettable area of 48,610 sqm. The agreed property value amounts to 455 MSEK and the annual rent amounts to 30.2 MSEK.

SLP Makes Two Recruitments

Sweden Sweden — SLP has hired Philip Ekelund as project manager and Jakob Berglund as technical manager. Both positions will be assumed during the second quarter of 2023, as part of the company's continued growth strategy.

SLP Ready to Increase its Transaction Pace

Sweden Sweden — Fast-growing SLP makes changes in the management group. CFO Tommy Åstrand takes over as CEO while the current CEO, Peter Strand, steps in to a new role as working vice chairman. Peter Strand tells Nordic Property News about the changes, about SLP's ambitions for 2023 and about the possibility of expanding outside Sweden.

SLP Makes Change in CEO

Sweden Sweden — The nomination committee proposes Peter Strand as the new executive vice chairman of the Board as of the Annual General Meeting. As executive vice chairman, Peter Strand will, in addition to his board assignment, and as an employee of the company as transaction and strategy manager, have a particular focus on property acquisitions and assist the Board and management in strategic matters. Tommy Åstrand, current CFO for SLP, will succeed Peter Strand as CEO after the Annual General Meeting on April 26, and Matilda Olsson, current finance director, will simultaneously take over as CFO.

SLP Buys Additional Logistics Property in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has today acquired and occupied a fully leased logistics property in Helsingborg. The property, Grusbädden 1, is located in Väla Södra, where SLP already owns several logistics properties. The lettable area amounts to approximately 10,200 sqm and the property has further expansion possibilities. The property has two tenants, Order Nordic and Ramudden, with an average lease term of 4.7 years.

SLP Appoints Carnegie Investment Bank as Liquidity Provider

Sweden Sweden — SLP has appointed Carnegie Investment Bank AB as liquidity provider for the company's shares of series B listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The arrangement is in accordance with the framework of Nasdaq Stockholm's rules on liquidity providers.

SLP Signs a Five-year Lease in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has signed a five-year lease with In Time Express AB. The tenant will move into SLP’s property Briljanten 4 in Helsingborg, which was acquired in December.

SLP Signs Lease in Southern Sweden

Sweden Sweden — SLP has signed a three-year lease with Nice Home and Building Automatic Nordics AB.

SLP Acquires Logistics Property in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has acquired and taken possession of a fully let logistics property in Helsingborg. The property consists of a total of approximately 56,000 sqm and is located in the logistics area Långeberga.

SLP Acquires Logistics Properties in Jönköping and Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — SLP has acquired and taken possession of a total of six properties in two of Sweden’s most important logistics hubs from Nivika. The total lettable area amounts to approximately 32,000 sqm and the annual rent as of 1 January 2023 amounts to approximately SEK 29 million.

SLP Extends Rental Agreement in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — SLP has extended a rental agreement with STILL Sverige AB regarding the property Malmö Stenåldern 6. STILL manufactures, among other things, forklifts and rack systems and is thus an important part of the logistics chain.

SLP Sees Opportunities on the "Buyer's market"

Sweden Sweden — SLP's CEO Peter Strand hopes to find clips in the pending transaction market that has fully developed into a buyer's market. He tells Nordic Property News more about the hopes, the strength of the leases and the journey of the share since the listing seven months ago.

SLP Increases its Share of Green Loans

Sweden Sweden — SLP’s efforts to continually certify its properties according to environmental schemes and reduce its carbon footprint have resulted in the company’s share of so-called green loans increasing to about 40 percent of the existing loan portfolio.

SLP Acquires in Hässleholm

Sweden Sweden — SLP acquires modern logistics property with expansion opportunity.

SLP Keeps Up Rapid Transaction Pace – Grows by Over 500 sqm per Day

Sweden Sweden — SLP keeps the fast pace up and increases the portfolio to nearly 700,000 sqm with the latest acquisition. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the company’s growth.