As part of the development of the underground waste system in Bergen city centre, BIR will establish a waste collection terminal at Nygårdstangen. The terminal will be situated on the first three floors of a new building with a total of seven floors, of which the remaining floors will house the new headquarters of BIR. The office part of the building will be certified in accordance with the BREEAM-NOR Excellent environmental standard.

“In Veidekke we are extremely pleased that BIR, which is a customer with a high focus on sustainability, has once again put its faith in us to work with it to identify innovative solutions for the future. The project will be our sixth ongoing environmentally certified project in Bergen and will help us further develop our environmental expertise,” says Erlend Bygnes, District Manager of Veidekke Bygg Bergen.

“Over the last ten years, we have established an underground waste system in the centre of Bergen and we have carried out work in many different streets. We will now embark upon the construction of the actual heart of the underground waste system in the city centre,” says Aslak Sverdrup, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIR AS. “We received a number of excellent tender submissions during the procurement process, in which price, quality and the environment were all key criteria and, as of today, we are happy to expand our team to include Veidekke as a construction partner. As the region’s foremost green company we have to lead the way and we have set high environmental ambitions for the project for the purpose of facilitating sustainable design and development throughout the project. With Veidekke as part of the team, we will proudly construct a building with clear environmental qualities.”

Start of construction is scheduled for October 2020, with completion scheduled for November 2022.