The divestment of the property development operation and the establishment of Veidekke Infrastructure have altered the group’s structure, and Veidekke is now a streamlined contractor.

“Over the past year, Veidekke has made important changes to the group structure, and is now a streamlined contractor. The changes in the group management team will make Veidekke a stronger organisation in important areas. With several members of the management team entering new positions, their expertise and experience can be applied to areas of great strategic importance,” says Jimmy Bengtsson, CEO of Veidekke.

Jørgen Wiese Porsmyr has already taken over as EVP (Executive Vice President) and CFO. In addition, the following changes have been made to the group management team:

Terje Larsen has been appointed EVP Risk Management and IT. Larsen previously served as EVP and CFO.

Anne Thorbjørnsen has been permanently appointed to the group management team, as EVP HR and OHS.

Kristina Andreasson has been appointed EVP Communications and Branding. Andreasson has served as marketing and communications manager for Veidekke Sweden.

Lars Erik Lund has been appointed EVP Strategy and Sustainability. Lund previously served as EVP Communications and Public Affairs.

Veidekke's four operational organisations remain unchanged; Veidekke Construction, Veidekke Infrastructure, Veidekke Sweden, and Hoffmann (Denmark).

# Hans Olav Sørlie continues as EVP Veidekke Construction (Norway).

# Øivind Larsen continues as EVP Veidekke Infrastructure, which comprises the civil engineering and industrial operations in Norway.

# Mats Nystrøm continues as EVP Veidekke Sweden.

# Torben Bjørk Nielsen, who heads up Veidekke's operations in Denmark, will report directly to the group CEO Jimmy Bengtsson, and will participate in corporate management meetings on strategic topics.

“The new group management team have complementary skills, and fulfill my top three priorities for the upcoming years: They contribute high competence and broad experience, they collaborate well, and, most importantly, they have the capacity to achieve our objectives for the new group structure,” concludes Jimmy Bengtsson.