Peab has thereby transitioned from being a Swedish company with operations in Norway and Finland to becoming a Nordic company based in Sweden. Today Peab has 17,000 employees. We now have a greater geographic spread and our local presence is stronger, which makes it possible for us to develop within the framework of what we call locally produced community building.

Through Peab’s four collaborating business areas we can, as far as possible, ensure that we use local resources in the form of our own employees, our own input goods and subcontractors.

Business area Industry consists of a number of companies that deliver input goods and services to the construction industry. Due to the acquisition from YIT our operations have grown extensively and therefore need to be steered and led at company level rather than business area level. The industrial companies will continue to report externally as one business area.

Operatively they will be led by MDs that report to two members of executive management responsible for them, Roger Linnér and Niclas Winkvist. Karl-Gunnar Karlsson will leave his role as Business Area Industry Manager and therefore executive management. Karl-Gunnar has been appointed MD for Swerock.

In order to ensure scale advantages, effectiveness and sustainable products, at the same time we develop our local business, we have to streamline the way we lead and steer. Digitalization will continue to enable this work going forward. In order to support executive management’s work with these matters Johan Dagertun has been appointed CSO.

Johan Dagertun was most recently MD for Construction System in business area Industry and has previously been a business controller in Finance and Treasury at Peab.

After these changes have been made Peab’s executive management will consist of the following members:

# Jesper Göransson, President and CEO

# Niclas Winkvist, CFO, part of business area Industry

# Roger Linnér, COO, part of business area Industry

# Stefan Danielsson, Business Area Construction Manager

# Lotta Brändström, Business Area Civil Engineering Manager

# Göran Linder, Business Area Project Development Manager

# Camila Buzaglo, CCO

# Johan Dagertun, CSO