The worlds most competitive cities are, according to JLL, those that are quick to adapt to each new cycle of global change and that are building forward momentum. In order to capture cities that are successfully transforming, JLL has produced an annual City Momentum Index (CMI) which tracks a citys short-term socio-economic and real estate momentum, in combination with measures of the longer term foundations for future success.

London tops the list ahead of Dublin and Munich, closely followed by Copenhagen in 4th place, Stockholm in 5th and Oslo in 8th.

JLL about the Scandinavian capitals:

All three Scandinavian capitals feature in the European Top12. Together with strong high tech sectors, the three cities score highly on liveability measures. Dynamic, sustainable and scalable, they are attracting high levels of migration and investment. Copenhagen in particular has a strong environmental agenda and plans to be the worlds first carbon neutral capital city by 2025 through retrofitting, more wind turbines and changing transport habits. The three Scandinavian cities are among the worlds most liquid real estate markets, featuring in the top 10 cities of JLLs Investment Intensity Index. The relatively quick recovery of the Swedish economy after the Global Financial Crisis, combined with a greater willingness among banks to lend on property, have contributed to particularly high liquidity in Stockholm.