”The Board of Catella is delighted to announce the appointment of Christoffer Abramson to the position of CEO of Catella Group. Over the past four months, Christoffer has not only transformed our finance function but also helped us accelerate our strategic repositioning toward a more focused Catella within real estate. With a strong combination of transforming organizations, improving financial efficiency, and driving profitable growth strategically and tactically through controlled risk, we are certain that Christoffer is the right person to take Catella to the next level. I have enjoyed working closely with Christoffer and look forward to working with the entire Catella team as member of the Board after a transition period during the spring,” says Johan Claesson, acting CEO, board member and main owner.

”I am honoured and incredibly excited to have been asked by the Board to continue to work with the entire Catella team as CEO. There is enormous potential and competence within Catella and I am immensely proud to work with such entrepreneurial and ambitious people. Catella’s over 550 employees all work together with strong momentum to deliver creative solutions to all our partners and customers along the value chain of real estate and alternative investing. I would like to thank Johan Claesson and the rest of the Board for patiently guiding me into the Catella Group. Our goal is now to deliver strong growth to our customers and investors alike by strengthening our core offerings and by leveraging all our products and services even more across Europe” says Christoffer Abramson, CFO and incoming CEO.

Prior to joining Catella Group as Chief Financial Officer, Abramson was part of building a global real estate group within EF based in the USA. He earlier worked as an operating executive for several Private Equity funds in London and Paris. Christoffer began his career at General Electric where he spent 10 years in various roles, most recently as CFO of GE Real Estate in London.

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