Catella buys majority stake in French company

Sweden Sweden — Catella has agreed to acquire 60 percent of the shares in Aquila Asset Management SAS for the preliminary purchase price of approximately EUR 9,6 million.

KKR Acquires Residential Portfolio Across Finland

Finland Finland — KKR has announced that KKR’s European real estate platform has agreed to acquire a high-quality portfolio of thirty residential properties in Finland from Kruunuasunnot. The portfolio comprises over 1,200 residential units with two thirds of the portfolio located in the country’s three largest cities of Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

Catella Asset Management's Managing Director Joins Northern Horizon

Finland Finland — Jussi Rouhento will rejoin Northern Horizon as the Fund Manager and Managing Director in Finland as of 1 July 2023.

Catella Appoints Head of Capital Raising

Nordic — Catella has appointed Gianluca Romano as Head of Capital Raising, starting his position in April.

Senate Properties Divests Property in Kuopio

Finland Finland — Senate Properties and SOK divested a 15,535 sqm office and logistics property to a private investor in Kuopio. The buyer will develop the property and continue to offer it for rental use.

Finnish Market Outlook for 2023: “We Assume the Foreign Investors Will Remain Active in 2023"

Finland Finland — As 2022 has turned into 2023, Nordic Property News has surveyed a few real estate experts in each Nordic country about the how each respective market faired in 2022 amid the war in Ukraine and a new economic climate and what is to expect in terms of transactions, foreign interest, cross-border trade and other factors that will shape the 2023 markets. Today we take a closer look at the Finnish market with Antti Louko, Managing Director at Catella.

Jacob Bruzelius Appointed Permanent CEO of Catella Corporate Finance Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Catella has appointed Jacob Bruzelius as CEO of Catella Corporate Finance Sweden. He has had the role of acting CEO since 1 April 2022 and will take up his permanent role on 1 January 2023.

"Real Estate Stocks Might Have Reached a Bottom"

Nordic — Catella's Head of Research Sweden, Arvid Lindqvist, believes that the bottom of the stock market may have been reached for the real estate companies, or at least it will in the near future. It looks all the more bleak for the direct market, which will begin to feel the effects of the recession over the next 18 months. He tells Nordic Property News more about how the real estate sector is faring in today's tough economic climate and what the challenges look like going forward.

Fire Station Property Acquired by Local Tapiola

Finland Finland — LähiTapiola Aluekiinteistöt Ky property fund, managed by Local Tapiola, has purchased a fire station property in Seinäjoki for EUR 13.3 million.

"A Slow Motion Real Estate Crisis in Sweden"

Sweden Sweden — Catella's Head of Research, Arvid Lindqvist, shared a gloomy picture of the economy in general and the real estate sector in particular with continued losses on the stock market and companies with a large residential stock facing particularly challenging times.

Tristan and Catella Establishes Industrial Investment Company

Finland Finland — EPISO 6 property fund, managed by Tristan Capital Partners, and Catella Asset Management have launched a new company that invests in logistics and industrial properties in Finland. The company will mainly focus on sale-and-leaseback deals, speculative development projects and last mile logistics properties.

Reasons Behind the Record-Breaking Investment Volume in Finland

Finland Finland — Catella's Market Indicator Autumn 2022 has been published: A record-high volume was achieved during the first half of 2022. Antti Louko, Managing Director at Catella, on the outcome and the future development on the Finnish transaction market.

Catella: Important Transacation Weeks Ahead

Sweden Sweden — Catella predicts a continued wait-and-see transaction market for some time to come, while the head of Corporate Finance, Jacob Bruzelius, tells Nordic Property News that the coming weeks may provide answers to an important question for the Swedish real estate companies.

NREP Sells Helsinki Office Property to Evli

Finland Finland — A fund managed by NREP has divested an office property in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki to Evli Rental Yield Fund (AIF) managed by Evli Fund Management Company Ltd.

Alm Equity Sells a Building Rights Portfolio and Becomes Large Owner in Aros Bostad

Sweden Sweden — Alm Equity and Aros Bostad have signed a letter of intent and are creating one of Greater Stockholm's largest housing developers. Alm Equity sells a project portfolio of 1,600 building rights to Aros Bostad with payment in shares and thus becomes large owner in the company.

NCC to Construct 440 Residential Units near Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by a joint venture between Catella, Nordkranen and DWS to construct approximately 440 rental units in Herlev near Copenhagen. The order value of the construction contract is approximately SEK 840 million. The units will be constructed on land where NCC previously conducted asphalt operations.

Strong Foreign Interest in Finnish Care Properties

Finland Finland — The Finnish care property segment continues to be hot as Pohjola Insurance divests four hospital properties to an international investor. Antti Louko, Managing Director at Catella who advised Pohjola Insurance in the sale, tells Nordic Property News about the foreign interest in the Finnish care property market, what other segments attract foreign investors and whether the war in Ukraine has had any effect on the international investors’ interest for the Finnish market as a neighbor to Russia.

For Sale: Prestigious Residential Buildings in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Catella expects a residential divestment of unique residential project for over DKK 1 billion.

Catella and Confido Form New Property Company

Finland Finland — The Finnish investment service provider Confido Group and Catella Asset Management established a new investment company: lndlog Properties Oy.

Elo Buys Three Residential Properties in Tampere

Finland Finland — Tampereen Asunnot Ky makes a divestment of three new residential properties. The properties consist of 186 apartments and three retail premises. Total lettable area is about 6,900 sq.m. The buyer is Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Oy Interior Invest Sells Logistics Centre to EQ

Finland Finland — Oy Interior Invest has sold a logistics centre in Tuusula in the Helsinki region. The property was acquired by EQ Commercial Properties Fund.

“The Biggest Question Regarding 2022 Is Still Covid”

Finland Finland — Antti Louko, Managing Director of Catella Finland, on the Finnish property year, predictions for 2022, and the continued global interest in Finnish real estate.

Cofinimmo Invests in Helsinki Care Home

Finland Finland — Cofinimmo has acquired the company that will develop a nursing and care home in Helsinki. The investment budget amounts to approximately 19 million EUR.

EQ Community Properties Fund Purchases Properties for EUR 141 Million

Finland Finland — City of Jyväskylä sells three educational properties and three fire station properties. The purchase price is EUR 141 million. The transaction is subject to approval of Jyväskylä City Council. The buyer is EQ Community Properties Fund.

Catella Corporate Finance Secures 619 MDKK in Long Term Debt Facilities

Denmark Denmark — Catella has secured strategic non-recourse debt facilities allowing for the refinancing of all of Park Street's short-term debt, the development of the company’s second Copenhagen Student/Youth Living property, Pulse N, and enhancement of the company’s general capital position.