Antti Louko has been Managing Director at Catella since 2016 and has contributed to the position of being the leading advisor in Finland. Antti has now decided to leave Catella to take up other challenges outside the company. Catella is happy to announce its active succession planning within the Group and appoint current Head of Transactions, Petteri Kokko, as the new Managing Director.


Petteri Kokko has been at Catella since 2021 and he has more than 15 years of experience from transaction advisory and corporate M&A transactions. During his career, Petteri has advised in transactions valued more than EUR 6 billion in total. His focus will be to further expand and strengthen Catella’s position in Finland and in close cooperation with Catella’s other business areas.

 “I am very happy to take over Catella Corporate Finance Finland and continue the great work Antti has done during his tenure. Catella has a very skilled team with a solid track record highlighting our strong execution capabilities even in this difficult transaction market we are currently experiencing. I strongly believe that we can continue to provide sound advice in today’s market environment and when the market activity picks up again, we will be in a great position to help our clients to succeed”, says Petteri Kokko.


Catella Corporate Finance Finland has a long track record of acting as a transaction advisor in both large and complicated transactions as well as smaller transactions, supported by awarded market research and an experienced team. The company has been able to increase its market share despite a weak market environment in recent years. In 2023, Catella was the most active sell-side advisor in Finland and had the largest market share with 22 per cent of the total sell-side transaction volume in Finland. With this proven track record of value-creation, Catella is committed to further enhancing its business in Finland by providing innovative solutions that not only benefit its clients but also contribute to long-term and sustainable growth.

“As much as I am delighted that Petteri Kokko will take up the position as Managing Director, it is also sad that Antti Louko is leaving us. Antti has been a great leader during his years at Catella, proven by the position and market share that Catella Corporate Finance Finland has today. I wish him the best in his future endeavours. At the same time, I am very happy that we already identified the best successor internally, ensuring our clients a seamless transition and the continuation of our commitment to deliver best-in-class advisory under the leadership of Petteri, said Christoffer Abramson, President and CEO of Catella Group.