The new building of around 5,500 sqm in size on five floors will accommodate a new inter-municipal emergency room with an emergency centre and response centre, a section for municipal emergency help and a triage department with 11 short-term places. In addition there will be changing room and toilet facilities, several meeting rooms, storage, technical rooms and underground parking for ambulances and police. The building will be linked to Arendal Hospital by an underground culvert.

“This is a project that is important to many people in our region, and we greatly appreciate the contract. We currently have an excellent partnership with Arendal Eiendom at Fløybyen and are grateful for their renewed confidence in us. Modern health care facilities are complex building projects, and we have vi good experience with these. Through partnership and involvement, we are confident that we will achieve a result to the satisfaction and benefit of patients, relatives and employees,” says district manager Atle Monan of Veidekke Bygg Agder.