Stadshagen on Kungsholmen is being developed and densified for a better urban and park life. In the northwestern part of the district, at the Göransgatan/Warfvinges väg intersection, the property company Balder is constructing 138 apartments, which are expected to be ready for occupation starting in autumn 2023.

“It is great to see how Stockholm is developing in so many directions and providing space for more housing. The plans for Western Kungsholmen are to create a dense, green and attractive district and at Balder we are very happy to be part of this development,” says David Johansson, Regional Manager at Balder. 

Balder’s four buildings will contain 8 to 12 floors and apart from tenant-owner’s apartments – ranging in size from studio to four bedrooms – will house a number of premises on the ground floor and a garage in the basement. For several years now, Balder has had the ambition to ensure that properties built under its own management are environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver rating or equivalent standards. Fabrique 46 is the company’s first project that is being built with the intention of getting Nordic Swan ecolabelled.

“Our goal is that all new properties shall be certified and Miljöbyggnad has mainly been used in our projects to date. It is really great that we are now carrying out a project according to Nordic Swan for the first time. It is broadening our knowledge and will help us meet our certification goal,” says Camilla Holten, Head of Sustainability at Balder.

The Nordic Swan ecolabel imposes demands in relation to energy consumption, chemical products, construction products and goods, materials and a number of internal environmental factors. In addition, there are requirements for quality management in the construction process and on handover to housing, management and operation. 

The buildings are designed by Semrén & Månsson and will connect to Stadshagen's existing and dense industrial character through volume and choice of materials. In September, the demolition commenced of the office property, which is located on the site today and the new construction work will start in November. Fabrique 46 is one of the first newly produced residential buildings in the immediate area and is among the tallest in the zoning plan.