Balder adds key-player from Unibail-Rodamco-Westifeld

Sweden Sweden — Balder strengthens the team with new Head of Leasing for retail.

The heavyweights' different views on Entra holdings – Balder sees no need for a write-down

Nordic — Entra's two largest owners, Castellum and Balder, both submitted their Q3 reports on Friday, and there it appeared that they have different views on their holdings in the Norwegian real estate company. Castellum has chosen to make a write-down of close to SEK 0.5 billion, while Balder has chosen to leave the value unchanged. Balder’s CEO Erik Selin comments on Balder's view of the Entra holding and shares his view of the bond market.

Entra struggling on the stock market – cancels dividend for H1

Norway Norway — Norway's largest real estate company Entra is owned by almost three quarters of Balder and Castellum, an investment that has dropped in value since they started investing in the company almost three years ago. The share is now down to levels for which it was last traded in January 2017. Wednesday's Q3 report did not have any significant impact in any direction, but the company's CEO Sonja Horn emphasizes that the company still focuses on strengthening the balance sheet and continues with its divestment program, but they will not sell properties at any discounts.

Positive momentum in Balder's ESG rating

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder's targeted efforts within the sustainability field are yielding results Sustainalytics updates Balder's ESG risk rating to 12.3 from 13.8. Balder remains stable within the low-risk range, and is closer to the desirable level of negligible risk.

Milestone reached for Karlatornet – long interview with Ola Serneke and Erik Selin

Sweden Sweden — The time has come for the first people to move into Karlatornet, the Gothenburg skyskraper that is the tallest building in the Nordics. For some, the wait has been long – especially for Ola Serneke. Nordic Property News was present when a tour of the entrance and the viewing apartment on the 25th floor was given. Balder's CEO Erik Selin was also in the apartment, who, like Ola Serneke, gave his view on the situation going forward.

Balder's CEO is considering fragmenting

Nordic — Building housing is only favorable in certain locations and certain countries, says Balder's CEO Erik Selin when he participates in the capital market days in Båstad. At the same time, he stressed the importance of seeing that the "crisis" that many people think they see is only a blip in an otherwise upward curve. "It's just a matter of parrying that blip," he says. But that Balder will remain in its current form is far from obvious if the CEO himself is to be believed.

Balder updates its green financing framework

Sweden Sweden — The updated green financing framework sets a standard for green financing. The green financing framework has been designed to provide Balder with a range of green financing opportunities and is based on third-party certified properties and ambitious goals for energy consumption.

Balder's New CEO in Finland Wants to Lay the Foundations for Further Growth

Finland Finland — Balder wants to streamline the management of its holdings in Finland. Juha Lehtonen, who already manages Balder's properties in Finland through the company Bridge Properties, is appointed as the CEO of Balder Finland. Here, the new CEO gets to give his view on how the new organization should be designed.

Balder Establishes Property Management Organisation in Finland

Finland Finland — During the autumn, Fastighets AB Balder will start its own property management organisation in Finland. This is in order to more effectively and cohesively manage the company’s wholly-owned properties together with the properties which are owned through Serena Properties AB.

Erik Selin: "Buying Entra Is too Dangerous Right Now"

Nordic — Balder has no plans to change its ownership in Entra, and CEO Erik Selin sees it as too dangerous to buy up the entire company, although he believes that the company's stock is "extremely cheap" right now. Here he also tells how he sees the future of the company's rating from S&P, which in 2022 wrote down the outlook for the company's BBB rating to negative.

Share Price Drop for Balder After Rating Blow: "Creates an Uncertainty"

Sweden Sweden — On Wednesday, Balder received a lowered credit rating from the rating institute Moody's, to Ba1 from previously Baa3, while the outlook for the rating is considered stable. The announcement caused Balder to fall five percent on the stock market and took many other real estate companies with it in the decline. Handelsbanken's analyst Johan Edberg tells Nordic Property News that the rating announcement was expected but that it has a signal value and can create long-term uncertainty around Balder. Balder on the other hand believe that Moody's report contains "factual deficiencies".

Moody's Downgrades Balder's Senior Unsecured Ratings

Sweden Sweden — Moody's Investors Service has assigned a new long term corporate family rating (CFR) of Ba1 to Balder and subsequently downgraded its senior unsecured bond ratings to Ba1 from Baa3 as well as its junior subordinated notes rating to Ba3 from Ba2.

Volvo Cars Signs Deal with Balder

Sweden Sweden — The new tenant will be occupying more than 7,000 square metres of office space in the new B46 building on the campus.

Balder's Plans Could Be Merged with Duo

Sweden Sweden — Balder and Älvstranden Utveckling are involved in the plans that will add over 1,000 new homes to the district of Sannegården in Hisingen, Gothenburg. Now a trio of plans will be merged for better urban development on the site. Nordic Property News gives you more details about the coming exploitation.

Erik Selin: "We Can Keep Away From the Bond Market Until 2026"

Sweden Sweden — Balder was one of the real estate companies that advanced the most on the stock market during Friday's trading, this after the company released its financial statements for 2022. During the presentation, CEO Erik Selin commented on his view on the bond market, the credit appraisers' view of the company and what we can expect from Balder on the transaction market in 2023.

Here Are Balder's New Acquisitions

Sweden Sweden — Balder continues to make transactions under the radar.

Balder Increases Ownership in Next Step Group

Sweden Sweden — Next Step Group is selling its part of property holdings in Nya Hovås to Bygg-Göta Fastigheter. Meanwhile, Fastighets AB Balder and Jacob Torell are increasing their ownership in Next Step Group.

Balder and Geely Sign Property Deal at Uni3 in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder and Geely Europe Innovation Centre AB form a joint company to develop, construct and manage the sixth building at Uni3 by Geely on Lindholmen.

Balder and K-Fastigheter in Combined Transaction

Sweden Sweden — In a combined transaction between Fastighets AB Balder and K-Fast Holding, Balder is acquiring an investment property in Helsingborg and is concurrently divesting building rights for rental apartments in Västerås.

Changes in Balder’s Management Team

Nordic — Balder makes changes in the management team: Ewa Wassberg in and Benny Ivarsson out.

S&P Confirms Balder’s Credit Rating BBB

Sweden Sweden — S&P confirms Balder’s credit rating BBB but Changes Outlook from stable to negative.

Transaction Between Balder and Circle K

Sweden Sweden — Property transaction between Balder and Circle K enables 1,000 new homes and the opportunity for Circle K to test new ideas in central Kungsbacka.

Why Balder Expects Lower Investment Figures in 2023

Nordic — After an extended period of sizeable investments, Erik Selin believes Balder will have significantly lower figures in 2023. The Balder CEO expands on his thoughts on investments and comments on the possibility of Balder looking at a SBB-model of spinning off part of the company into a new entitiy.

Balder Announces Tender Offer

Sweden Sweden — Balder is offering holders of the Issuer's outstanding SEK 600,000,000 FRN due January 2023, SEK 1,400,000,000 green FRN due February 2023 and SEK 500,000,000 green FRN due November 2023.

Balder Signs Lease Agreement in Malmö with Position Green

Sweden Sweden — Position Green helps companies and organisations to develop their sustainability work and business within the ESG landscape. To meet the increasing demand and offer a meeting place in line with the company’s vision, Position Green is relocating its Malmö office to the new sustainable Varvsstaden district.