Serneke Forms JV to Continue the Development of Karlastaden

Sweden Sweden — Serneke and Fastighets AB Balder are forming a joint company to continue their collaboration in the Karlastaden district. The company will develop three buildings in the district, comprising a total approximately 45,000 square meters GFA and approximately 450 apartments.

Balder in Collaboration to Construct Stockholm’s Tallest Residential Building

Sweden Sweden — Balder is establishing a Joint company together with VästkustStugan, Mjöbäcks Entreprenad and Innovation Properties with the goal of constructing Stockholm’s tallest residential building.

With Two Swedish Main Owners: Here Are Entra’s Future Targets

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on the closing of the major acquisition in Oslo, investment targets going forward, and the close dialogue with the Swedish main owner and whether that is affecting the business strategy.

Balder Makes Plans for a New District in Kungens Kurva

Sweden Sweden — Plans are now at an advanced stage for Victoria, a new district, in Kungens kurva in Stockholm. In Victoria, there are plans for approximately 3,500 apartments, restaurants, cafés, a green neighbourhood park, a school and nursery schools as well as care and other local services.

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority Prosecute Balder Execs

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish Economic Crime Authority have prosecuted a total of 11 people, among them one current and one former Balder Exec, on insider crime charges surrounding Collector.

Anthon B Nilsen Acquires Hotel Property in Oslo

Norway Norway — Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom has acquired Kongens gate 7 from Oslo Opportunity, a fund managed by Clarkson's Platou Real Estate Investment Management.

Building Permit Granted for Balder in Central Sundbyberg for Residential Development

Sweden Sweden — The Building and Permit Committee has taken a decision to grant Balder a building permit for a new residential block in central Sundbyberg. The area will be densified with both housing and business premises.

The Future Development of Balder's Project Portfolio

Nordic — Balder has a very strong project pipeline. With developments being made both to keep under own management and to sell, CEO Erik Selin comments on the future development of the project portfolio.

Balder and Serneke in Joint Residential Project in Northern Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Together, Balder and Serneke will develop approx. 200 apartments in Umeå. The recently awarded land allocation is the starting shot for Balder’s establishment in the city and provides an opportunity for Serneke to boost its presence in Norrland’s largest growth area.

Balder Makes Swedish Acqusitions

Sweden Sweden — Balder adds two new properties to their portfolio.

Balder Increases Entra Holdings – Here Are the Future Plans for the Company

Norway Norway — Balder has increased its holdings in Norwegian Entra from 25 to 32.7 percent. CEO Erik Selin comments on Balder’s future plans for their Entra holdings.

“Investment Opportunities Like ABP Are Few”

Norway Norway — Pangea Property Partners’ CEO Bård Bjølgerud on the blockbuster deal, where Balder has signed an agreement to acquire Norwegian industrial real estate company Asset Buyout Partners, and why the Norwegian market is getting more interest from global investors.

Erik Selin on the ABP Acquisition

Norway Norway — Erik Selin on Balder's major investment, the risk for oil dependence, and fish farming.

Balder to Acquire Asset Buyout Partners

Norway Norway — Balder has signed an agreement to acquire Norwegian industrial real estate company Asset Buyout Partners (ABP), a portfolio company of Hitec Vision.

Balder’s Future in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Since the entry into the Danish market in 2012, Balder has made their mark with acquisitions and project developments. And now they are ready for more. Nordic Property News looks in to Balder’s future in Denmark.

Balder Set for Large Finnish Expansion

Finland Finland — Finland is Balder second market after their native Sweden. Now the Swedish giant is ready for a major expansion in Finland.

Balder Builds in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Balder builds tenant-owner’s apartments at Östermalm in Stockholm.

Erik Selin on the Residential Plans for Sweden's New Hot Life Science Cluster

Sweden Sweden — GoCo Health Innovation City is underway with the ambition of become a globally renowned life science center. Several major investments have been made in project and now another one is coming as residential blocks, from Trenum owned by Balder and AP3, are created to help bring in scientist and researchers from all over the world. Balder’s CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News about residential investment and the plans for the area.

The Battle for Entra – From Start to Finish

Nordic — Not since Erling Braut Haaland was set to leave Red Bull Salzburg for a bigger European club has the interest been as high for a Norwegian player. A bidding war for the Entra shares broke out between Castellum and SBB – with Balder taking a corner position. After months of twists and turns both the Swedish giants withdrew their offers. Nordic Property News sets the timeline for the battle.

The Attraction of the Booming Oslo Area

Norway Norway — Peder Chr. Løvenskiold, CEO of Anthon B Nilsen, on the major investment in the Fornebu area, future development, and the impact of Balder’s entrance in 2020.

New Stockholm Acquisitions for Balder Companies

Sweden Sweden — Balder companies keeps investing in Stockholm.

Castellum Doesn't Give Up on Entra: ”Together We Can Create Something Amazing”

Norway Norway — Castellum's CEO Henrik Saxborn on the revised offer to acquire the majority of the shares in the Norwegian heavyweight Entra, and the recent blockbuster divestment to the Blackstone subsidiary.

Antti Aarnio Appointed Sato's Acting President and CEO

Finland Finland — Sato's Board of Directors has appointed Antti Aarnio, 48, as the President and CEO of Sato, starting on December 18, 2020. Antti Aarnio acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Aarnio also continues in his position as EVP, Rental Housing Business.

Ola Serneke on the Karlatornet Deal: ”A Day of Joy for Us”

Sweden Sweden — Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke, on the importance of Balder’s entrance on the construction of the Nordics’ largest tower, Karlatornet, where they are right now in the construction process, and what the future might hold.

Balder Acquires 50 Percent of Karlatornet

Sweden Sweden — Balder is acquiring 50 per cent of the shares in Karlatornet AB, becomes a shareholder in Serneke Group and has agreed on the acquisition of almost 1,400 rental apartments and just over 12,000 sqm of commercial premises.