Skanska Divests Hotel Project to Balder

Sweden Sweden — Skanska sells the hotel project Gradienten, which will be built in central Jönköping for about EUR 43M. The buyer is Balder.

Swedish Giant Makes First Retail Investment

Sweden Sweden — Balder has made their first large retail property ever by paying close to MSEK 795 (EUR 81M) for 421 in Gothenburg. Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News more about the fast deal – and open up for more purchases in the new segment.

The New Trend in Real Estate Finance

Sweden Sweden — A new trend is breaking through in Sweden where other forms of financing are chosen over bank financing. Some of Sweden’s top real estate companies share with Nordic Property News what forms they choose – and why.

Balder New Majority Owner of Serena Properties

Nordic — Balder has agreed to acquire 56 percent of Serena Properties, a company currently owned by Ratos, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company och Redito.

Balder Acquires Four Hotel Properties in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Balder has agreed to acquire four hotel properties in central Copenhagen for approximately SEK 1 billion (EUR 103M).

Balder Acquires Hotel Property in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Balder has entered into a binding agreement with Tradeka-sijoitus Oy to acquire the Holiday Inn Helsinki - West Ruoholahti hotel property for EUR 39M. The transaction is expected to close in early July 2017.

D Carnegie Acquires Portfolio from Balder

Sweden Sweden — D Carnegie has entered into an agreement to acquire residential property portfolios in Arboga, Köping and Tranås. The seller is Balder. The property portfolios comprises 42 properties and 1,681 apartments. The agreed property value is SEK 1.42 billion (EUR 150M) and the purchase price amounts to SEK 1.04 billion (EUR 110M). The transaction is a share deal with closing on May 2, 2017.

Heimstaden Acquires Three Development Properties in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden has, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, have entered into agreements to acquire three real estate projects in Copenhagen for a total of 265 apartments and 2,500 square meters of space. At the same time Heimstaden acquires residential apartments in Falköping in Sweden.

Balder Acquires Properties For More Than SEK 4 billion

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder has entered into an agreement to acquire all the properties in the I.A Hedin Fastighet AB group from Anders Hedin Invest AB. The agreed value of the properties will amount to SEK 4.150 billion (EUR 434M) after completion of ongoing new and re-constructions. Balder also completes a directed issue of 3 million Class B ordinary shares, raising proceeds of approximately MSEK 690 (EUR 68M).

Bonava Sells Housing Project in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Bonava has sold a housing project in Copenhagen, Denmark, to the property company Balder for approximately MSEK 224 (€23,5M). The project consists of 74 rental apartments.

Balder and AP3 Acquires from Aberdeen

Sweden Sweden — Balder and the Third Swedish National Pension Fund´s joint venture purchases a portfolio with 21 apartment properties from Aberdeen.

Balder Acquires Lindholmen Front in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder has acquired the office property Lindholmen Front for approximately €43 M.

Balder’s First Norwegian Purchase

Norway Norway — Balder has now made their first acquisition in Norway – Balder acquires Hedmark University of Applied Sciences for MNOK 700 (€75M).

Balder Divests to Hökerum in Jönköping

Sweden Sweden — Balder divests 378 apartments for MSEK 320 (€35M) to Hökerum Fastigheter, this being their first acquisition in Jönköping.

Balder and AP3 in Cooperation with Bygg-Fast

Sweden Sweden — Balder and AP3’s joint company in property development has started a cooperation with Bygg-Fast.

Balder Acquires 49 percent of Sjaelsö Management

Denmark Denmark — Fastighet AB Balder has bought FIH’s share of 49 percent in Sjaelsö Management ApS. The remaining 51 percent is unchanged owned by Sjaelsö Management's CEO Flemming Joseph Jensen.

Balder and AP3 Creates Housing Company

Sweden Sweden — Balder and the Third National Swedish Pension Fund (AP3) creates a joint venture for investments in housing properties in Sweden. “We have to wait and see the magnitude of this” Balder’s CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News.

Balder Acquires an Additional 22.9 Percent of the Outstanding Shares of Sato

Finland Finland — Balder, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, has acquired an additional 22.9 percent of Sato, one of Finland´s largest residential property companies. Balder now owns 53,3 percent of Sato.

Balder and Backahill Become Owners of New Brinova

Sweden Sweden — Balder and Backahill creates the new company Brinova. The aim is set for listing the company in 2016.

Balder and Nobis Make a Joint Hotel Project

Denmark Denmark — Balder acquires the property where the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music used to operate at Niels Brocks Gade 1. The property will be converted into hotel and restaurant and will be operated by Nobis Hotel.

Balder Acquire Residential Project in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Swedish listed property company Balder acquires a residential project from Skanska in Copenhagen for approx. €136M.

Balder Acquires Office Property Under Construction

Sweden Sweden — Balder acquires the office property Park 49 in Gothenburg from Skanska for MSEK 418 (€ 45 M).

Balder Acquires a Further 4.8 Percent in Sato

Finland Finland — Swedish listed property company Balder has agreed to acquire a further 4.8 percent in Sato Oyj where Balder already owns 22.8 percent of the shares for approximately EUR 45 million. Balder is, after the acquisition, the largest owner of Sato with a holding of 27.6 percent.

Balder Acquires 21 Percent of Sato

Finland Finland — Balder, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, acquires 21 percent of Sato, a Finnish real estate company focused on residential properties.

Transaction volume in February: €1.2 billion

Nordic — The Nordic transaction market was moderate in February. 50 deals were made and the transaction volume reached €1.2 billion, according to Pangea Property Partner´s monthly report.