Balder's New Office Acquisitions

Sweden Sweden — Balder makes new office acquisitions from renowned family.

Balders Chief Financial Officer Magnus Björndahl will Resign Summer 2020

Sweden Sweden — Balders CFO, who is suspected of gross insider trading, will leave the company this summer.

Balder Execs Released

Sweden Sweden — The two senior executives Marcus Hansson and Magnus Björndahl, who have been detained on alleged insider crime, were released on Wednesday evening. The suspicions against the duo remains.

This Is How Long the Balder Executives Will Stay in Custody

Sweden Sweden — Marcus Hansson and Magnus Björndahl, who are suspected on insider trading, have been detained in custody for 26 days. Prosecutor Pontus Hamilton updates on the case.

Jesper Mårtensson Becomes Acting CFO of Balder

Sweden Sweden — Due to the allegations of offences directed against two of Balder’s senior executives, Balders Board of Directors have decided with immediate effect assign Jesper Mårtensson as acting CFO of Fastighets AB Balder.

Balder Executives Detained on Alleged Insider Trading

Sweden Sweden — CFO Marcus Hansson and Finance Director Magnus Björndahl have been detained on alleged insider trading. The crime does not concern trading in the Balder share.

Erik Selin on the Allegations: ”Hard to Believe That It Is Possible”

Sweden Sweden — Balder’s CEO Erik Selin comments the allegations towards the company’s CFO Marcus Hansson and Finance Director Magnus Björndahl, regarding insider trading.

Balder Acquires in Helsingør

Denmark Denmark — Balder acquires 9,000 sqm in Helsingør.

Balder Acquires Office and Car Sales Property from Veritas

Finland Finland — Swedish property investor Fastighets AB Balder has acquired an office and car sales property from Veritas Pension Insurance in the Veromies district in Vantaa.

Balder: "Hotel Share Is Eight Percent"

Sweden Sweden — In the current state of corona virus disarray, Balder announces that only eight percent of the company's rental income comes from hotels.

Balder Makes New Finnish Investment

Finland Finland — Balder acquires seven properties in Finland.

Trenum Acquires in Norrköping

Sweden Sweden — Grundingen Fastighets AB has signed an agreement with Trenum, owned by Balder and AP3, on the sale and financing of a residential project located in Söderport, Norrköping comprising 121 apartments.

The Finnish Challenges for the Swedish CEO

Finland Finland — Balder’s Deputy CEO Sharam Rahi tells Nordic Property News about his position as CEO of Sato, the changes in the management and how he manage the dual positions.

Balder Purchases Three Retail Properties

Finland Finland — Swedish property investor Balder has increased its property portfolio in Finland with three car dealership properties.

Why Sato Changes Valuation Method

Finland Finland — Marcus Hansson, CFO of the main owner Balder, and member of the Sato board: ”A more transparent method.”

Balder Acquires Hotel in Linköping

Sweden Sweden — Balder acquires Scandic Linköping City.

Balder Denmark’s Expansion Plans

Denmark Denmark — Flemming Joseph Jensen, CEO of the property giant Balder’s Danish operations: “We focus on several exciting housing projects in the metropolitan area.”

Balder Buys Building Rights in Høje Taastrup

Denmark Denmark — Balder has increased its investment in Høje Taastrup with the acquisition of two more building sites, this time in the upcoming district of Høje Taastrup C.

How Sweden's Real Estate King Wants to Grow in Oslo

Norway Norway — Balder’s CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News on his interest for the attractive Oslo plot that is for sale and the expansion plans in Norway.

Balder Acquires Property and Building Right in Central Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Balder acquires a 38,000 sqm property and building rights for 290 apartments in central Gothenburg.

The Listed Companies’ Property Value

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the property value in the major real estate companies on the Nordic stock exchange.

Erik Selin: "It Is Easy to Make Great Deals"

Finland Finland — The Swedish real estate profile and Balder's CEO Erik Selin on the journey with Finland's largest housing developer Sato since the entry four years ago, why his close colleague Sharam Rahi takes the CEO position in the company and his view on the Finnish residential market.

Sharam Rahi Appointed Acting President and CEO of Sato

Finland Finland — Sato Corporation's Board of Directors has appointed Sharam Rahi, 46, the President and CEO of Sato, starting from September 1, 2019. Mr. Rahi acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Mr. Rahi is the Vice CEO at Fastighets AB Balder, the main owner of Sato.

H1 2019: They Invested Most in Their Own Portfolio

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest investments from the listed companies in the Nordics during H1 2019 – in their own portfolios.

The Nordic Top Buyers in the Second Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how much the listed Nordic real estate companies acquired in the second quarter of 2019.