Erik Selin on the Residential Plans for Sweden's New Hot Life Science Cluster

Sweden Sweden — GoCo Health Innovation City is underway with the ambition of become a globally renowned life science center. Several major investments have been made in project and now another one is coming as residential blocks, from Trenum owned by Balder and AP3, are created to help bring in scientist and researchers from all over the world. Balder’s CEO Erik Selin tells Nordic Property News about residential investment and the plans for the area.

The Battle for Entra – From Start to Finish

Nordic — Not since Erling Braut Haaland was set to leave Red Bull Salzburg for a bigger European club has the interest been as high for a Norwegian player. A bidding war for the Entra shares broke out between Castellum and SBB – with Balder taking a corner position. After months of twists and turns both the Swedish giants withdrew their offers. Nordic Property News sets the timeline for the battle.

The Attraction of the Booming Oslo Area

Norway Norway — Peder Chr. Løvenskiold, CEO of Anthon B Nilsen, on the major investment in the Fornebu area, future development, and the impact of Balder’s entrance in 2020.

New Stockholm Acquisitions for Balder Companies

Sweden Sweden — Balder companies keeps investing in Stockholm.

Castellum Doesn't Give Up on Entra: ”Together We Can Create Something Amazing”

Norway Norway — Castellum's CEO Henrik Saxborn on the revised offer to acquire the majority of the shares in the Norwegian heavyweight Entra, and the recent blockbuster divestment to the Blackstone subsidiary.

Antti Aarnio Appointed Sato's Acting President and CEO

Finland Finland — Sato's Board of Directors has appointed Antti Aarnio, 48, as the President and CEO of Sato, starting on December 18, 2020. Antti Aarnio acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Aarnio also continues in his position as EVP, Rental Housing Business.

Ola Serneke on the Karlatornet Deal: ”A Day of Joy for Us”

Sweden Sweden — Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke, on the importance of Balder’s entrance on the construction of the Nordics’ largest tower, Karlatornet, where they are right now in the construction process, and what the future might hold.

Balder Acquires 50 Percent of Karlatornet

Sweden Sweden — Balder is acquiring 50 per cent of the shares in Karlatornet AB, becomes a shareholder in Serneke Group and has agreed on the acquisition of almost 1,400 rental apartments and just over 12,000 sqm of commercial premises.

Balder Acquires Five Percent of the Shares in Entra

Norway Norway — Balder has today issued a flagging announcement that they have acquired 5 percent of the shares in Entra.

Balder’s Latest Investment: A Christmas Present

Sweden Sweden — Erik Selin, CEO of Balder, on this year’s largest acquisition in Sweden: “It was like Christmas Eve.”

Balder Makes New Finnish Acquisition

Finland Finland — The Swedish Giant Balder strikes again in the Finnish capital – here are all their purchases in 2020.

Balder Acquires Masmästaren

Sweden Sweden — Balder has today signed an agreement to acquire Masmästaren, and will take the company into possession during the first quarter of 2021.

Oatly Relocates to New HQ

Sweden Sweden — From 2023 Oatly will lease 4,600 sqm in the property Gjuteriet (The Foundry) for their new headquarters. The property is owned by Varvsstaden, a JV between Balder and Peab.

Sato Closing in on New CEO: "A Very Interesting Candidate"

Finland Finland — For over a year, Sharam Rahi has been acting CEO of Balder's Finnish subsidiary Sato - but that time may be coming to an end. Balder's Deputy CEO tells Nordic Property News about the process of finding a successor at Sato, his time as CEO and about Sato's work during the pandemic.

After the Balder Entrance: Here Are the Main Challenges for Anthon B Nilsen

Norway Norway — Anthon B Nilsen's CEO Peder Chr. Løvenskiold: "There are some problems associated with corona."

Why Selin and Balder Went for Anthon B Nilsen in Norway

Norway Norway — Erik Selin, Founder and CEO of the Nordic property giant Balder: "A diversified portfolio with a good mix of objects."

Balder Acquires 50 Percent of Anthon B Nilsen

Norway Norway — Fastighets AB Balder is acquiring 50 percent of the Norwegian company Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS. The transaction includes the Anthon B Nilsen Group’s total real estate portfolio with properties in Oslo and in Lahaugmoen, and also a development portfolio of 170,000 sqm in eastern Norway. The market value of the properties that are included in the transaction is about NOK 3,000 million.

Balder Appoints New Director of Economy

Sweden Sweden — On 1 September, Eva Sigurgeirsdottir will take over the position of Director of economy at Balder.

Balder Acquires in Central Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Balder has signed an agreement with Circle K to acquire the property Sälgen 4, at Östermalm in Stockholm. The property is scheduled to be taken over at the end of 2020.

Why the Renowned Family Divests Central Located Properties to Balder

Sweden Sweden — The seller on the divestment, after more than 100 years of ownership of the attractive assets: "My grandfather was born in that house."

Balder's New Office Acquisitions

Sweden Sweden — Balder makes new office acquisitions from renowned family.

Balders Chief Financial Officer Magnus Björndahl will Resign Summer 2020

Sweden Sweden — Balders CFO, who is suspected of gross insider trading, will leave the company this summer.

Balder Execs Released

Sweden Sweden — The two senior executives Marcus Hansson and Magnus Björndahl, who have been detained on alleged insider crime, were released on Wednesday evening. The suspicions against the duo remains.

This Is How Long the Balder Executives Will Stay in Custody

Sweden Sweden — Marcus Hansson and Magnus Björndahl, who are suspected on insider trading, have been detained in custody for 26 days. Prosecutor Pontus Hamilton updates on the case.

Jesper Mårtensson Becomes Acting CFO of Balder

Sweden Sweden — Due to the allegations of offences directed against two of Balder’s senior executives, Balders Board of Directors have decided with immediate effect assign Jesper Mårtensson as acting CFO of Fastighets AB Balder.