“The new development will bring together Landsvägen's streetscape, which will gain the character of a city street. The new advanced buildings with their generous retail premises and display windows will provide the basis for a richer city life with a lot to experience when walking along Landsvägen,” says David Johansson, Regional Manager, Property Development at Fastighets AB Balder.

The proposal includes 65 new tenant-owner’s apartments of varied sizes, ranging from smart 1-room studio apartments with a ceiling height of almost 4 metres to larger apartments with 5 rooms and kitchen. There will be a shared roof terrace on the roof which all residents can enjoy and on the ground floor we are making space for restaurants and shops.

The new building is being constructed with a wooden frame according to Miljöbyggnad Silver rating, which implies strict requirements, for example in relation to energy consumption, the internal environment and choice of materials. In all of Balder’s projects, sustainability is an important issue, both in terms of contributing to a lower environmental impact and in promoting greater social sustainability. 

Production start will occur in August and sales will commence later in the autumn. Occupation is preliminarily expected during autumn 2023.