Balder writes: "Balder has received questions regarding the share of Balder's rental income and value that stems from hotels. In order to be able to share the information in future investor meetings, we want to communicate that the hotel share corresponded to approximately 8 percent of rental income and value in 2019."

Balder usually reports the hotel section under the category "Other", which in the Q4 report accounted for 15 percent of the value. Thus, about half of the 'Other' category is hotel.

The Balder share has taken a sharp blow in the past month and more than halved. The stock closed on Tuesday at SEK 266.40, compared with the peak of SEK 541 on February 20. The net asset value at year-end was approximately SEK 345. A net premium of 57 per cent has thus been changed to a net discount of 23 per cent.

The majority of Balder's value and rental income comes from housing.