"With Balder as a joint owner, we gain the strength to move the business up a level in Norway. We will gain the financial strength to be able to compete for, and complete, larger and more comprehensive development projects. This will be positive in the long term for the Norwegian property market, for our employees and for us as owners," says CEO Peder Chr. Løvenskiold.

Erik Selin believes that Balder to date has not found the right solution in order to establish a strong presence in the Norwegian market.

"We have made a few investments in Oslo and Inland, but we have not established a larger presence, like we have in Denmark and Finland. Through the investment in Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom and with the portfolio and organisation they have developed, we will gain access to many attractive investment opportunities from the transaction. Quite simply, it feels really great to be able to become a joint owner and welcome ABN to the Balder family," says Erik Selin.

"With Balder as a joint owner, we also gain access to expertise and experience from segments where Anthon B Nilsen has not yet secured a foothold, e.g. the residential and hotel market," says Løvenskiold.