Realy Bostad acquires building rights for the construction of 181 rental homes in GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal. Realy Bostad believes that through the acquisition it is consolidating its position as an urban developer in both Gothenburg and Stockholm with a focus on new construction of sustainable rental housing for own management.


Realy Bostad has acquired the property Mölndal Tingsplatsen 8 for the construction of 181 rental homes in GoCo Health Innovation City. The acquisition takes place through a company transfer where Trenum AB, which is owned by Fastighets AB Balder and Tredje AP-fonden, sells. Production is expected to start in autumn 2024.

"We are happy to, together with Steptura and existing developers in the area, contribute to the urban development of GoCo and Gothenburg's housing supply in general. Now we look forward to taking the next step in the company's development when, as a developer, we start production of 428 homes in Stockholm in the autumn and Gothenburg," says Hannes Malm, COO and co-founder of Realy Bostad.


GoCo Health Innovation City in Gothenburg is a new district with a focus on life science where over 200,000 square meters of offices and housing are being developed to attract researchers, entrepreneurs and talent from all over the world.

"Realy Bostad's project contributes to realizing our ambition to create a dynamic and vibrant neighborhood. We believe in the power of joint creativity and commitment, where housing for the public strengthens the development of our area and promotes both innovation and health. Realy Bostad's experience and focus on urban development, sustainability and quality is consistent with our vision - exactly what we are looking for when we now enter the next phase of the project where the place will be filled with people around the clock," says Anna Eckerstig, Director Real Estate Development, Steptura.


Realy Bostad has in a short time established itself as an active urban developer in both Stockholm and Gothenburg and through the acquisition reaches around 900 homes in various stages of development with an ambition to grow to 1,500 homes by 2027. By the end of 2024, the company's own management portfolio is expected to include around 300 newly built homes with a total rental income of SEK 35 million.


Access took place on 5 July.


The law firm Nordia acted as advisor to Realy Bostad.