Boostad was developed by several players that have a strong shared focus on long-term sustainable city construction, where people from all walks of life can mix and reside. The landlords KlaraBo and OBOS are working with White Arkitekter, Veidekke, E.ON, Boost by FCR and Fritidsbanken in a partnership that aims to offer financially accessible and environmentally sustainable homes for a broad range of target groups. Smart buildings and proactive management will result in lower operating costs, which turn will enable lower rent. At the same time, OBOS is launching Deläga, its popular model for purchasing a home, which lowers the threshold for home ownership.

“We are both proud and pleased that we can contribute to the development of Malmö. This is a fantastic project that has high ambitions in terms of both neighbourhood and housing quality. Our idea at OBOS is that neither age nor career should be an obstacle to purchasing a home,” says Sofia Ljungdahl, CEO of OBOS Nya Hem.

Features such as rooftop solar panels enable an energy partnership that includes production, storage and allocation between properties. The exteriors in the proposal will be characterised by brick and wood with shared inner gardens, complete with trees, that offer space for socialising. The properties will also be located in close proximity to premises for activities and a preschool. The apartments vary from studios to four bedrooms and will be characterised by efficient solutions that suit the different sizes and needs of households.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to participate in the city of Malmö’s ambition to continue to grow sustainably. We founded KlaraBo with the goal of offering attractive rental units with reasonable rent, and our business model is well suited to the underlying principles of the Mallbo concept. This is KlaraBo’s third allocation for the year and it confirms that there is a strong demand for our housing solutions in the Swedish housing market,” says Andreas Morfiadakis, CEO of KlaraBo.

KlaraBo and OBOS will guarantee the project’s financing before, during and after completion and will use their equity and customary lending to finance the project.

The Öster om mässan area is located in central Hyllie, a district in southern Malmö, and is close to several parks as well as public transportation and excellent office locations in and around Malmö Arena. The goal for Öster om mässan is to provide land allocations to construction companies that want to contribute to a more sustainable housing and office market.