Why the Housing Group Acquired Properties from the Logistics Giant

Sweden Sweden — The housing company Obos purchased commercial properties from Sagax. Ulrika Liiv, Head of Communications at Obos Sweden, on the deal: "A strategic investment for us."

Sagax Sells to Obos

Sweden Sweden — Sagax sells two properties in Vetlanda and Sävsjö to Obos.

Veidekke: “We Work Hard Every Day to Get New Contracts”

Norway Norway — The construction giant Veidekke’s CEO Jimmy Bengtsson on the need for housing in Oslo and the great interest in the largest residential project ever in Norway.

"Too Few Homes Are Being Built in Relation to the Need"

Norway Norway — Executive Vice President at Obos, Arne Baumann, on the record project in Oslo and the housing market in the Norwegian capital.

Veidekke Signs Biggest Residential Contract Ever

Norway Norway — Veidekke has signed a contract with M17 Utvikling to build the Middelthunet housing project with 329 apartments at Majorstua in Oslo. The contract is worth around NOK 1 billion excluding VAT.

Skanska Signs Agreement with Obos – Builds Apartments in Oslo

Norway Norway — Skanska has signed an agreement with Obos to build 168 apartments in Oslo, Norway. The contract is worth NOK 344 million which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the third quarter 2019.

After the Major Divestment in Oslo – This Is Obos’ Investment Plan

Norway Norway — Obos Eiendom's Executive Vice President Nils Morten Bøhler on why the commercial market in Norway at the moment is favorable to divest on and the major projects that lie ahead of Obos Eiendom.

Obos Sells in Bergen

Norway Norway — Obos Eiendom sells Ørnen Eiendom to Oslo Pensjonsforsikring for MNOK 800 (EUR 83M). Ørnen Eiendom owns Lars Hillesgate 18 in Bergen, home to a 19,000 sqm hotel.

Obos’ CEO on the Declined Offer in Sweden

Norway Norway — The Norwegian housing company Obos announced earlier this year that they will purchase Swedish SBC. This week Obos' offer was declined. CEO Daniel Kjørberg Siraj tells Nordic Property News about the disappointment and how they are moving forward.

Why Obos Increases Ownership in JM

Norway Norway — After the latest acquistion Norwegian housing giant Obos has 20 percent of the shares in Swedish housing developer JM. CEO Daniel Kjørberg Siraj on the benefits cross-border.

Why Housing Sales Decrease in Norway

Norway Norway — The housing developer on a weaker 2018. "Has been a little slower."

Why the Norwegian Housing Giant Takes on Additional Land in Sweden

Norway Norway — Norwegian housing company Obos acquires Swedish SBC. Communications Director Åge Pettersen explains why.

Martin Mæland on the JV with Ilija Batljan: ”Not an Easy Thing”

Norway Norway — The Norwegian building and real estate profile Martin Mæland about the cooperation with Ilija Batljan, the differences over decades and why Kristiansand is an interesting area.

Obos Divests for EUR 22M

Norway Norway — An Arctic syndicate has purchased Persveien 26 from Obos for EUR 22M.

OBOS Acquires Two Percent of JM AB’s Shares

Norway Norway — OBOS announced today that they have purchased two percent of the shares in JM AB through the group head OBOS BBL. The acquisition is a long-term financial investment where OBOS with their industrial attitude towards ownership will contribute with further development for JM.

Obos Purchases Large Development Project in Oslo

Norway Norway — Obos purchases a large development area in Oslo from Storebrand and Fabritiusgruppen.

Veidekke to Build new Oppsal Centre in Oslo

Norway Norway — Veidekke Entreprenør has signed a contract with OBOS to build the new Oppsal Centre in eastern Oslo with around 200 residential units and 5,000 sqm of non-residential property. The contract is valued at MNOK 525 (€57 M) excluding VAT.

Obos Purchases for Future Housing Exploitation

Norway Norway — Obos Nye Hjem purchases the Schibsteds print shop property in Oslo. The plan is to on term develop approximately 1,000 homes.