"We are very happy about the opportunity to acquire this position in NCC, which is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics, and we look forward to taking an active role in developing the company together with Nordstjernan, the company's board and management," says Daniel Kjørberg Siraj, CEO at Obos.

"We look forward to having Obos as an industry-savvy partner. Nordstjernan has good experience of working as an active owner in various forms of partnership. This year alone, for example, we have invested in the diagnostics company Aidian and created a partnership with the Norwegian owner company Ferd. The deal with Obos is similar to that model. NCC's board and management are doing a good job, we believe in the company, and as a continuing active owner in NCC, we see that there is much long-term value creation left," says Peter Hofvenstam, CEO of Nordstjernan.

The deal consists of five million A shares and two million B shares. The purchase price amounts to SEK 772.5 million, which corresponds to a volume-weighted price per share of approximately SEK 110 million. After the transaction, Nordstjernan's ownership amounts to approximately 5.0 million A shares and 4.7 million B shares, which corresponds to approximately 8.9 percent of the capital and 24.3 percent of the votes.

"Nordstjernan has been undergoing a strategic transformation for a couple of years. In the past year alone, we have invested three billion kroner in new companies, such as engcon, Norva24 and Aidian. From almost exclusively having investments in one sector, the construction sector, we now have active investments in four sectors," says Peter Hofvenstam.