Bravida is expanding and relocating its operations in Örebro to new, larger and more modern premises. Castellum is building a new office building on Aspholmen, which will be ready in autumn 2023 with Bravida as tenant.

Castellum will build a new office building on Aspholmen with Bravida as tenant. Bravida is expanding its operations in Örebro and moving to Aspholmen, which is one of Örebro's fastest growing areas. The new building will have a total of approx. 3,000 square meters on three floors and will mostly consist of offices, but will also house staff areas and warm storage. For this, a separate building of 300 square meters is also being built for storage.

Bravida will not only become a tenant, but they will also carry out all the technical installations in the new building on behalf of Castellum. Among other things, the building will have geothermal heat, solar cells and is expected to be certified according to environmental building Gold, which ensures that energy use, indoor environment and materials meet a high environmental standard and are good for both the environment and the people who will work in the premises.

"We have signed a 10-year lease with Bravida and are happy that Bravida has chosen to develop its operations in Örebro together with us," says Erik Nilsson, project manager at Castellum AB.

"We at Bravida in Örebro are really looking forward to being able to move into the new and fresh premises. It feels extra fun that we were able to participate in the design of the premises and install our energy-efficient overall solutions in the building," says department head Torbjörn Fagerberg at Bravida EL in Örebro.

Groundwork has begun and occupancy is estimated for autumn 2023.