The building is located right by the sea, and it consists of 78 apartments. The apartment offering is versatile, for example in addition to the townhouses some of the apartments are multi-storey homes.

The project has the highest energy efficiency class, and it is aiming to receive the RTS Environmental Classification for the site.  The building utilizes a unique seasonal energy storage that uses sea water heated by the sun and the recycled heat of residential buildings. Due to the innovative energy solution the building’s carbon footprint is almost zero during the usage phase. Additionally solar panels on the rooftop will help generate some of the electricity used by the property. The parking spaces are equipped with electric car chargers.

The building will have a communal space, sauna compartment, laundry room and excellent storage and maintenance facilities to encourage biking all year round.  Construction started in November 2022, and completion is scheduled for the first quarter 2025.