6,000 participants and 1,800 retailers & DNVBS, and food & leisure players from 75 countries will attend MAPIC in Cannes next week. The upcoming MAPIC appointment will take place on 28-30 November 2023 at the magnificent Palais des Festivals, in Cannes.


Francesco Pupillo, MAPIC Markets Director, tells Nordic Property News everything you need to know about the event.


How would you describe MAPIC 2023? What kind of event will it be?


“Over the past year, retail, leisure, hospitality, and property players have shown remarkable resolve and performance in facing the challenges and opportunities of economic and geopolitical shifts—but these events have highlighted the industry’s dependence on finite resources.”


“MAPIC is not simply about following market trends, our duty is to give the industry a deeper perspective, provide key information on how to transform the future for the better and show property players, new retailers and solution providers ways to make assets more viable. This year’s programme is designed to reflect that and is structured around six key pillars: new retail, leisure, food, sustainability, the evolution of property assets, and innovation.”



What is new at this year's MAPIC?


“Brand-new for 2023 is the MAPIC Academy, MAPIC’s start-up incubator for innovative young retail brands. It selects 5 young retail brands and supports their development through MAPIC’s network of experts and partners—providing financial backing and the opportunity to open a pop-up store through a property company partnership.”


“Following an immensely productive mentoring day at the end of September in Paris with the five finalists, the selected brands—The World of Onyo, Superstack, W.O.P - World of Pop, Greener, t7berlin—will exhibit at the Retail Village. The winning retail brand will be selected by a jury based on a final pitch session at MAPIC itself.”


“This year MAPIC will also host the all-new Sustainability Lab in the heart of the exhibition area—designed to equip attendees with the tools to pursue carbon reduction objectives as the world tightens its regulatory belt. ESG experts, including leading companies that provide certifications and suppliers of new sustainable technologies, will all be on hand to provide productive advice.

“This year also sees new global leaders from leisure, entertainment and F&B deliver keynotes at MAPIC for the first time, including Netflix, Tomorrowland Leisure and Big Mamma Group, respectively.”


What’s the main focus this year?


“This year’s MAPIC focuses on innovations that help the industry operate more efficiently, including the integration of technology to reduce energy consumption and better understand consumers. By reducing, reusing, or recycling products and waste, and facilitating more efficient energy and water consumption, landlords, owners, and managers can strive toward carbon-neutral property assets.”


“At its core, the 2023 programme offers property players an unmissable window into sustainability initiatives that respond to consumers’ search for meaning and investors’ search for value.  For retail real estate players, it is about seeing the link between responsibility and business growth. Responsible growth is vital to long-term success, consumer engagement, and ultimately, realising the full potential of any retail real estate asset. Therefore, MAPIC will also continue to address questions regarding the positive effect retail can have on the social fabric of our cities, as part of mixed-use development or urban regeneration.”



How do you view the participation? As many as expected or fewer/more?


“This year we are expecting 6,000 participants from at least 75 countries and 1,800 occupiers including retailers, restaurant chains, leisure operators, DNVB, etc.). The confirmed exhibitors so far include Cushman & Wakefield, IGD, Nhood, CBRE, Pradera, VIA Outlets, McArthurGlen and INGKA. Large property companies will take hospitality suites, demonstrating the diverse range of solutions available for attendees to make connections at MAPIC.”


“In terms of attendees, we also pride ourselves on variety; 50 per cent of the exhibition area will be dedicated to a varied retail mix including 200 retail innovation players and 350 leisure/F&B operators. In total, we expect 6,000 participants and 1,800 occupiers and food & leisure players from 75 countries are expected to attend the show.”


How do you view participants from the Nordics? Is there a large interest?


“In terms of exhibitors, the countries most represented are France and Italy, but we will welcome exhibitors from countries including Finland, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Romania, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Portugal, Turkey and more. All the major players will be present at Cannes. “


“From the Nordics specifically, we are very happy to welcome Ingka Centres—including its core IKEA Retail business—back to MAPIC with a strong presence across the programme. This includes welcoming Cindy Andersen, Managing Director at Ingka Centres as one of the speakers for the opening keynote at the Studio on Tuesday, 28th November from 10:30 to 11:00. Other exhibitors from the region include VEMCO and NCSC - Nordic Commercial Space & Communities, which are both property sector leaders.”


“On the brand side, we will welcome a large selection of fashion and consumer goods brands from Scandinavia as attendees, including LEGO, Louis Nielsen, Name It, ONLY, VERO MODA, Normal, and BoConcept. In line with MAPIC’s continued focus on enhancing destinations, we will also host leisure and sports concepts such as Jumpyard, The Social Gaming Group, Hyperin, Lappset Creative, Surfhouse, and Valo Motion.”


What should visitors think of before going to Cannes?


“Firstly, while retail real estate is at the heart of the MAPIC, visitors should realise that the conference content is designed to be as wide-ranging as possible. In addition to the world’s largest property players as key exhibitors, we will also welcome the second edition of the Retail Village, LeisurUp and The Happetite Forum programmes.”


“ For anyone attending or thinking of attending, please check out the full detailed programme, including closed-door networking sessions and keynote speeches. Visitors should also make the most of our Online Database, ensuring they have registered and completed their profiles to maximise their visibility to other attendees.”


“Visitors can use our concierge platform to secure the best deals for hotel bookings in Cannes, including up to 40% on accommodation and transfer options. All practical information for attendees can be found here.”


“One of the core reasons for being at MAPIC is about making connections and there is no better opportunity than our own events, including the Welcome reception, the MAPIC Awards Gala Dinner, and The MAPIC Party. See you in Cannes!”



What highlights do you personally look forward to this year?


“This year’s speaker programme is perhaps our strongest ever, in terms of both breadth and depth—as well as the calibre of companies sharing insights.”


“For example, we will also host Tomorrowland Leisure and Netflix as keynote speakers for the first time. Tomorrowland Leisure will announce and present its first project —LIFE— an aqua park in Poland-Kownaty, 30km from the border of Germany. Additionally, Christine Wacker, Director of Business Development - Consumer Products Experiences and Live Experiences at Netflix, will speak on how the company has successfully leveraged some of the world’s most successful IP into location-based experiences.

“From a retailer and brand perspective, Raymond Cloosterman, the Founder and CEO of the global home, cosmetics and wellbeing brand, Rituals Cosmetics, will deliver a keynote on his experience as a founder and the brand’s latest initiatives on its path to sustainable wellbeing.”

“The Happetite Forum programme will open with a keynote from Tigrane Seydoux, one of the founders of the Big Mamma Group, to share its vision for the future of the restaurant sector and the main challenges it faces.”


Finally, do you have any parting words for the readers of Nordic Property News?


“The success of MAPIC 2022 taught us that the value of meeting partners and collaborators in person is irreplaceable. Although many parts of business can be conducted virtually, to close a deal and make new connections, meeting the people is essential. In this sense, the ultimate purpose of MAPIC remains the same: it is a dealmaking forum.”