Having previously worked within Colliers for more than ten years, including instrumental roles in the Australian, and Europe, Middle East and Africa businesses, Sven's strategic vision and leadership have played a pivotal role in shaping workplace environments for prominent clients such as Microsoft, UBS, Miele and many more. His relocation from London to Stockholm underscores Colliers Nordics' dedication to strengthening its' presence and capabilities within the region.


Martin Lindgren, Head of Occupier Services Colliers Nordics & Partner comments:

” We are now taking the next step within Occupier Services by building up our service within Workplace Advisory. With Sven's extensive experience and expertise in the field, together with our global and local collaboration, we are firmly committed to driving our clients' success through strategic partnerships and continued recruitment of experts.”


Sven Moller adds:

”To the role as Head of Workplace Advisory Nordics, I bring more than a decade of global experience developing and implementing innovative workplaces to accelerate the success of our client’s businesses, as well as supporting them through the change process. I'm now very excited to focus on expanding our Nordics footprint.”


Pre-pandemic, traditional office setups predominated, but the rise of remote work has necessitated a workplace reassessment, prompting changes in location, building, design, technology, and behaviour needs. Organizations are now prioritizing flexible and collaborative environments, with a focus on sustainability, technology integration, and adaptability. Colliers’ expertise lies beyond design and space, offering holistic solutions encompassing physical elements, behaviour dynamics, and strategic alignment.

” We strongly believe that an office should be a magnet, not a mandate. Hybrid work is here to stay, and the data suggests that flexible hybrid work models are most successful in attracting and retaining talent. Finding and managing your organization’s optimal balance between office and remote is key to a ‘right-sized’ workplace. To make sure your office is ‘right-mixed’, meaning the right quantity and type of spaces to support your workforce, it is becoming increasingly critical to redefine the value and purpose of the office, and what specific activities and features your organization wants it to support better than remote working,” Sven Moller comments.


Occupiers are confronted with the challenge of managing fluctuating occupancy levels, with Mondays and Fridays typically experiencing lower activity. Colliers' 80 experts within workplace advisory across the Nordics and the EMEA region specializes in helping clients navigate these challenges and find the optimal balance between remote and office-based work models.


Sven Moller points out:

”As the office landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for organizations to redefine the value and purpose of the workplace. By embracing flexible hybrid work models and reimagining office spaces to support specific work activities better, companies can create engaging environments that attract and retain top talent.”