Fastpartner Buys in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner has acquired and taken over the property Tränsbettet 8 in Malmö. The property has a lettable area of ​​3,350 square meters and is located between the outer and inner ring road in close proximity to the E65 and offers functional storage space.

Fastparter Makes Gävle Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner has acquired and taken over the property Brynäs 125: 1 in central Gävle.

Goes Against the M&A Trend – Why Mergers Will Not Be an Option for Fastpartner

Sweden Sweden — The trend of M&A deals has grown rapidly on the Nordic markets in the last years – but it will not be an option for Fastpartner. CEO Sven-Olof Johansson explains why M&A is not for Fastpartner but an important factor for SBB, where he is on the Board.

Sven-Olof Johansson on the Allegations: “I Am Surprised”

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner’s CEO Sven-Olof Johansson is one of the major shareholders in SBB and also a member of the board. He tells Nordic Property News about the allegations against Ilija Batljan and why the company has been that successful, in a short period of time.

Fastpartner Acquires NCC's HQ for EUR 142M

Sweden Sweden — NCC is selling its first office project, K12, in Järva Krog, Stockholm, to Fastpartner for just over SEK 1.5 billion (EUR 142M). NCC has its new head office in the property.

Fastpartner Buys from Skandia Fastigheter

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner has acquired the property Dragarbrunn 10: 3 in Uppsala from Skandia. The property has a lettable area of approximately 14,700 square meters and the annual rental income amounts to approximately MSEK 27.

"I Don't Understand Why Blackstone Hasn't Called"

Sweden Sweden — Swedish real estate legend Sven-Olof Johansson describes his company Fastpartner as a real estate fund - at a great discount.

The Real Estate Giants: "The Transaction Market Cannot Be Hotter"

Sweden Sweden — Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner, Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden and Bo Wikare, Vice President of Hufvudstaden, on which investment opportunities are available outside Stockholm and why more and more foreign investors are looking at Sweden.

The Nordic Top Buyers in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how much the listed Nordic real estate companies acquired in the first quarter of 2019.

The Longest Serving CEOs

Nordic — Which of the Nordic stock exchange’s CEOs has served the longest? Nordic Property News has the list.

Barings Makes Large Swedish Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Slättö has, within its seventh fund, Slättö VII, where the fund operates a joint venture together with Fastpartner, agreed on the sale of housing at an underlying value of SEK 1.32 billion (EUR 127M). The buyer is a fund managed by Barings.

“It’s Not Going Well Anywhere in Europe”

Sweden Sweden — Brexit is approaching quickly with the British Parliament vote on Tuesday. Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO at Fastpartner, comments on the effects on the real estate market and uncertainty during 2019.

Fastpartner Acquires Solna Port

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner has acquired the property Brahelund 2 (Solna Port) in Solna from Areim for SEK 1.935 billion (EUR 190M).

"This Will Trigger the Next Financial Crisis"

Nordic — September 15 2008 the figurative bomb exploded on Wall Street when Lehman Brothers folded and set off the financial crisis. Now that a decade has pasted Nordic Property News rehashes the events of the crisis, the effect it had on the Swedish real estate market and see into the future as to what will set off the next crisis with Erik Selin, CEO of Balder, Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam, and Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner.

Why Fastpartner Makes the Leap into Residential

Sweden Sweden — From commercial property development to housing. Fastpartner and Åke Sundvall have signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of 200 homes in Märsta Centrum. Fastpartner's CEO Sven-Olof Johansson tells Nordic Property News why they choose to invest in housing and where to build next.

Largest Rental Income Growth in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — How was the rental income evolve for the listed Swedish real estate companies in 2017? Nordic Property News presents a list of the rental income development.

Fastpartner Purchases in Söderhamn

Sweden Sweden — Fastpartner purchases the Verkstäderna 2 property from CNF Invest AB. The property is located in central Söderhamn, by Söderhamnsån. The property is leased to approximately 95 percent and has a leasable area of 15,200 sqm.

Castellum Divests to Fastpartner in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Castellum reallocate the portfolio in Stockholm and sells, through its wholly owned subsidiary Brostaden, eleven properties to Fastpartner for MSEK 822 (€ 89M).

Fastpartner Purchases on Lidingö

Sweden Sweden — Listed company Fastpartner purchases a property on Lidingö, Stockholm for MSEK 202 (€22M).