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Fastator and Offentliga Hus Secures Major Deal

Sweden Sweden — Fastator and its largest holding company, Offentliga Hus, have in a number of separate transactions entered into an agreement to acquire properties with a total underlying property value of SEK 1.3 billion (EUR 125 million).

Point Properties Makes First Purchase in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — The Fastator company Point Properties has signed an agreement to acquire the property Valfisken Större 45 in Trelleborg from Skandia Fastigheter.

Fastator Establishes Point Properties

Sweden Sweden — Fastator adds a number of properties that they already own to Point Properties. The new company will initially have a total assets of approximately SEK 500 million.

Fastator Completes Three Acquisitions

Sweden Sweden — Fastator, via subsidiary, has in three separate transactions acquired five properties in Bollnäs, Ludvika and Sala.

Fastator Acquires Portvakten Industrifastigheter

Sweden Sweden — Fastator becomes the sole owner of Portvakten Industrifastigheter after acquiring the remaining 50 percent of the company from Portvakten's CEO and owner Per-Axel Bengtsson.