The board also publishes the internal investigation that independent lawyer Björn Wendleby was commissioned to produce. The investigation has found nothing criminal in either the structure of Fastator or in CEO Joachim Kuylenstierna's actions linked to his involvement in the company.


In connection with Joachim Kuylenstierna's resignation, the board has decided to appoint Björn Rosengren, current chairman of the board, as acting CEO until a more permanent solution is found. Anders Mossberg, board member, temporarily takes over the role of chairman of the board.


The board of Fastator announces that Joachim Kuylenstierna is leaving his post as CEO of the company.

"It is gratifying that the investigation confirms that neither Fastator nor Joachim Kuylenstierna's ownership company has been involved in anything criminal. Now our primary task is to quickly find a permanent CEO who can lead the company," comments Björn Rosengren.

"In view of my own health and for the good of the company, I am now stepping down as CEO," comments Joachim Kuylenstierna.