Offentliga Hus Acquires in Härnösand

Sweden Sweden — Offentliga Hus has entered into an agreement with Region Väster-norrland regarding the acquisition of the property Härnösand Fastlandet 2:60.

Industrisamhället Makes EUR 57M Purchase

Sweden Sweden — Industrisamhället, a subsidiary of Fastator, acquires 31 properties for MSEK 600 (EUR 57M).

Winners and Losers on the Stock Market in July and August

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction companies performed on the stock exchange the last two months.

Fastator and Offentliga Hus Secures Major Deal

Sweden Sweden — Fastator and its largest holding company, Offentliga Hus, have in a number of separate transactions entered into an agreement to acquire properties with a total underlying property value of SEK 1.3 billion (EUR 125 million).

Point Properties Makes First Purchase in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — The Fastator company Point Properties has signed an agreement to acquire the property Valfisken Större 45 in Trelleborg from Skandia Fastigheter.

Fastator Establishes Point Properties

Sweden Sweden — Fastator adds a number of properties that they already own to Point Properties. The new company will initially have a total assets of approximately SEK 500 million.

Fastator Completes Three Acquisitions

Sweden Sweden — Fastator, via subsidiary, has in three separate transactions acquired five properties in Bollnäs, Ludvika and Sala.

Amasten Sells to Fastator and Offentliga Hus

Sweden Sweden — Amasten sells twelve commercial properties to Fastator and Offentliga Hus.

Fastator Acquires Portvakten Industrifastigheter

Sweden Sweden — Fastator becomes the sole owner of Portvakten Industrifastigheter after acquiring the remaining 50 percent of the company from Portvakten's CEO and owner Per-Axel Bengtsson.

Carl Bildt Joins Fastator’s Board

Sweden Sweden — Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs between 2006 and 2014, joins the board of the real estate company Fastator, listed on First North in Stockholm. The election of Bildt is proposed to take place during an extra general meeting on December 14.