Fastator has signed an agreement regarding the sale of parts of Fastator's holdings in Studentbostäder i Norden AB. The sale takes place outside the stock exchange and to several different parties. In addition to these binding agreements, discussions are ongoing about the remaining part of the shareholding. The shares have been sold at a price of 74 öre per share, which is in line with what the share is traded for on the market.


The transactions will be cleared via the banking system, which is estimated to take the current day plus two banking days. As soon as the liquid funds have reached Fastator, the company will instruct Euroclear to administer the payout to Fastator's bond investors. The exact day will be announced via press release, according to the company.

"We currently have binding agreements for the sale of shares for just over SEK 29 million, which is very gratifying. This means that the temporary pause in the payment of bond interest will soon be over," says Björn Rosengren, Acting CEO of Fastator.