# Offentliga Hus sells properties with an underlying property value of SEK 350 million to Industrisamhället.

# Industrisamhället carries out a new share issue of SEK 215 million and achieves a net asset value of approximately SEK 500 million - Fastator will own 50% of Industrisamhället.

# Fastator acquires 34% of the shares in Studentbostäder in Sweden, with a property value of SEK 2.1 billion.

"We are now carrying out a number of transactions of a streamlining nature that significantly strengthen our holding companies Offentliga Hus och Industrisamhället, where Offentliga Hus is streamlined before its IPO at the same time as Industrisamhället continues its growth journey and now has properties for SEK 1.4 billion including agreed property acquisitions. It is gratifying to be able to present a new holding company for Fastator in the form of Studentbostäder in Sweden, which with Rebecka Eidenert at the helm has so far delivered fantastic growth and in a short time built a real estate company with properties for SEK 2.1 billion, "comments Joachim Kuylenstierna, CEO of Fastator.

As previously announced, the intention is to list Offentliga Hus on the stock exchange. In order to further streamline Offentliga Hus prior to such an IPO, an agreement has been entered into to sell properties that are not classified as community properties with a total property value of SEK 350 million and to sell the holding of 34% of the shares in the company Studentbostäder in Sweden for SEK 200 million. With this refinement, Offentliga Hus will be an even stronger company ahead of its IPO, which is planned for the first half of October 2020.

Industrisamhället acquires the properties as above from Offentliga Hus. The acquisition is financed with bank loans and newly issued shares of SEK 215 million to Offentliga Hus, which immediately sells these shares on to Nordact, the owner company of Offentliga Hus, of which Fastator owns 50%. Furthermore, Nordact acquires existing shares in Industrisamhället from Fastator and receives existing shares in Industrisamhället in the form of shareholder contributions. Nordact will then own all shares in Industrisamhället that will have a property value of approximately SEK 1.4 billion, including other agreed but not accepted acquisitions, and a net asset value (EPRA NAV) of approximately SEK 500 million. As previously announced, Leif Östling has been elected new Chairman of the Board of Industrisamhället.

The holding in Studentbostäder in Sweden is also sold by Offentliga Hus to the owner company Nordact, which then immediately sells these shares on to Fastator. Fastator thus acquires a new holding company and will own 34% of the shares in Studentbostäder in Sweden with a property value of SEK 2.1 billion and a net asset value (EPRA NAV) of SEK 0.6 billion. Other major shareholders are Amasten 21%, Lindbäcks Fastigheter 20%, SBB 18% and Älvstranden in Karlstad 4%.

Nordact issues receipts totaling SEK 415 million to Offentliga Hus as payment for the shares in Industrisamhället and Studentbostäder in Sweden. The reverse is intended to be resolved in connection with Offentliga Hus' IPO.

All transactions are carried out at market value based on external valuations. The transactions are carried out as company acquisitions, where the properties are owned by companies whose only business is to own these properties. No employees are affected by the transactions. The transactions are conditional on bank financing. The transactions have no effect on earnings or liquidity for Fastator.

The transactions are to be regarded as related party transactions and are of such a size that Fastator's decision - making procedure will follow the Stock Market's statement 2019: 25 on good practice in the stock market in related party transactions, which means that the transactions are subject to approval by Fastator's AGM. Fastator intends to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, which will indicatively be held on Friday, August 21, 2020. Subject to approval by Fastator's Extraordinary General Meeting, transactions are intended to be completed on September 30, 2020.