Point Properties Board will consist of Björn Rosengren, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Carl Bildt, Paul ”Dino” Larsson, Erik Tillberg and Joachim Kuylenstierna with Martin Friis as CEO. All have a very broad experience from different markets that all stand for innovation and growth.

"With Point Properties we want to help develop Swedish city centers to become stars. We see a tremendous development potential from the mill that has created the depletion of recent decades. It is about creating new conditions for viable urban environments together with municipalities and other actors around community service, commerce and housing. With Point Properties, we are thinking of new patterns and paths which, to say the least, the company's board of directors and management have good experience in, as well as keeping the high growth rate that we apply in a market that basically covers the whole country," comments Joachim Kuylenstierna, CEO of Fastator.