Magnolia Allots Warrants within Existing Warrant Program

Sweden Sweden — In 2019, Magnolia Bostad issued warrants to be offered to both future and current employees. Through the subsidiary Magnolia Utveckling AB, Magnolia Bostad holds a total of 30,000 warrants in the program from 2019, which will now be sold to Johan Tengelin, who will take over as CEO no later than December 2020.

Johan Tengelin to Take Over as CEO of Magnolia

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad’s Board of Directors announces that Johan Tengelin will take over as CEO of the company no later than December 2020. He will succeed Fredrik Lidjan.

Profi Purchases from Brunswick

Sweden Sweden — Profi Fastigheter purchases the Gustavsberg 1:316 property, also known as Badkarsfabriken from Brunswick Real Estate. The property encompasses 21,000 sqm facilities for education, warehouse and production.

Sveafastigheter Divests the Linnaeus University in Kalmar

Sweden Sweden — Sveafastigheter divests the Linnaeus University project in Kalmar County to a new company, created by Pareto Securities.

Swedish fund Ranked in World Top

Sweden Sweden — Swedish Sveafastigheter, has been ranked as the Most Consistent Performing Opportunistic Closed-End Private Real Estate Fund Manager on a shared first position out of 34 firms and 184 funds fulfilling the selection criteria. The list was compiled by Preqin in the 2016 Global Real Estate Report – the most comprehensive global review of the real estate industry.

Sveafastigheter Sells for €450 M in Sweden and Finland

Sweden Sweden — Sveafastigheter sells a property portfolio, embracing the main part of the remaining assets in Sveafastigheter Fund III. The property value of the portfolio amounts to EUR 450 million. The portfolio acquires by Partners Group, via a secondary transaction on behalf of its clients.

Partners Group Acquires Large Property Portfolio From Sveafastigheter

Sweden Sweden — Sveafastigheter has sold a large property portfolio out of Sveafastigheter Fund II, with a value of approximately MSEK 3.2 billion (€340M). The portfolio was acquired by Partners Group, a global private markets investment manager headquartered in Switzerland, via a secondary transaction on behalf of its clients.

Sveafastigheter and AP3 Establish New Property Company

Sweden Sweden — Sveafastigheter and the Third National Swedish Pension Fund (”AP3”) enters into a cooperation and establish a new property company with focus on office and retail properties in growing regional cities in Sweden.

Sveafastigheter Sells an Office Building in Helsinki to Deka

Finland Finland — Swedish property fund manager Sveafastigheter and its partner HGR Property Partners have sold an office building in Vallila in Helsinki, Finland. The buyer is a special fund managed by German Deka Immobilien. The purchase price is € 43.4 M.