K-Fastigheter Acquires Building Right in Lund

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has acquired a building right for approximately 80 rental apartments in Lund. The acquisition is made from a company within the Brinova Group.

K-Fastigheter Buys Building Right from Serneke

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has acquired a building right for approximately 110 rental apartments in Ale municipality. The acquisition is made from a company within the Serneke Group and regards all the shares in the company that owns the property Ale Utby 3:113. A legally binding zoning plan is in place.

K-Fastigheter Buys Building Rights in Eskilstuna

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has acquired a building right for approximately 85 rental apartments in Eskilstuna. The transaction is made with Dagmar Fastigheter AB and covers all the shares in the company that owns the property Förvaltaren 2 in a central location in Eskilstuna. Closing will occur when a legally binding zoning plan is in place.

Stefan Paulsson New CEO for K-Prefab

Sweden Sweden — Stefan Paulsson has been appointed CEO of K-Prefab AB, a subsidiary of K-Fastigheter. Since April 11th 2022, Stefan Paulsson has been acting CEO of K-Prefab AB, which by decision of the board of K-Prefab AB now is permanent.

Balder and K-Fastigheter in Combined Transaction

Sweden Sweden — In a combined transaction between Fastighets AB Balder and K-Fast Holding, Balder is acquiring an investment property in Helsingborg and is concurrently divesting building rights for rental apartments in Västerås.

K-Fastigheter Acquires Building Rights in Örebro

Sweden Sweden — K-Fast Kilen AB has acquired building rights for up to 300 rental apartments in Örebro. The building rights covers part of the property Örebro Almeby 12:43 and is acquired from a subsidiary to Lantmännen Fastigheter.

K-Fastigheter Recieves Building Permit for its New Commercial Concept

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter’s proprietary concept for commercial tenants has received building permit. Construction is expected to start in the second quarter of 2022 and be completed by the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.

K-Fastigheter: "Economic Occupancy Rate at Record-levels"

Sweden Sweden — Jacob Karlsson assures that K-Fastigheter has the right conditions to continue to be able to deliver at a high level despite market turmoil and geopolitical factors.

SBB and K-Fastigheter in Swap Deal

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells building rights to and acquires preschools and an LSS property from K-Fastigheter.

K-Fastigheter Expands in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — K-Fastigheter's subsidiary K-Fast Holding Danmark A/S has entered into an agreement to acquire the property 1bt Pederstrup By, in Ballerup municipality, west of Copenhagen. K-Fastigheter plans to build 153 rental apartments with an estimated annual rental value of approximately DKK 19.2 million.

K-Fastigheter Recruits New Head of IR and Communications

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has appointed Johan Hammarqvist as the new Head of Investor Relations and Communications at K-Fastigheter. Johan Hammarqvist will join the Group’s management team and will take up his new position no later than 30 May 2022.

K-Fastigheter Buys Building Rights in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter is planning to build about 90 rental apartments on the property Husensjö 8:11 in Helsingborg municipality. K-Fastigheter plans to build its own concept buildings and take possession when the zoning plan is legally approved.

K-Fastigheter Evaluates Commercial Properties

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter takes new steps to develop the company and evaluates a new concept for commercial development. CEO Jacob Karlsson tells Nordic Property News about the investment, the interest in the pilot project, and in what markets K-Fastigheter could possibly develope the concept in the future.

K-Fastigheter Makes Acquisition in Kristianstad

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter acquires 105 apartments and two preschools in central Kristianstad. K-Fastigheter will take possession on 1 April 2022.

K-Fastigheter Buys Building Rights in Höör and Mälardalen

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter plans to build approximately 95 rental apartments in the Group’s proprietary Lateral Low-Rise buildings in Höör, central Skåne. Also, K-Fast Kilen AB has acquired additional building rights in Strängnäs.

K-Fastigheter Establishes a Green Bond Framework

Sweden Sweden — Two years after the initial public offering, K-Fastigheter considers issuance of senior unsecured SEK-denominated green bonds.

K-Fastigheter Strengthens Group Management

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has appointed Magnus Persson as a new member of Group Management.

Leaves Rikshem for K-Fastigheter

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter brings in new executive from Rikshem.

K-Fastigheter and Innovation Makes Investment Outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter and Innovation Properties have acquired properties in Hemmesta Centrum, just outside Stockholm. A zoning plan for the area is being prepared and the transaction is conditional on the plan gaining legal force.

K-Fastigheter Builds Additional Rental Apartments in Nyköping

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter will build about 60 additional rental apartments in the Oppeby area in Nyköping. There is a legally binding zoning plan and K-Fastigheter expects to start construction during the first half of 2022.

K-Fastigheter Buys Project in Åhus

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter buys 19 terraced houses to be built in the new district Trädstaden in northern Åhus. The turnkey contract is carried out by NCC and construction has commenced.

K-Fastigheter and Boklok to Develop Rental Apartments

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter buys building rights for approximately 260 new rental apartments from BoKlok, which will be developed jointly for K-Fastigheter’s long-term management.

K-Fastigheter in Helsingborg Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has entered into an agreement with Belebro AB to acquire the property Helsingborg Viktoria 22 in Helsingborg Municipality. The zoning plan for the property has gained legal force and K-Fastigheter intends to build approximately 75 apartments in the Group’s proprietary Lateral Low-Rise concept building.

K-Fastigheter Appoints New Head of Property Management

Sweden Sweden — Martin Johannesson will assume the position as new business area manager at K-Fastigheter. Martin comes most recently from Akademiska Hus, where he is currently property manager.

K-Fastigheter in JV to Develop Property in Haninge

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter and two partners, Innovation Properties and Borohus, have formed a company to jointly develop the Ramsdalen 3:1 property in Haninge municipality. The newly formed company will develop a zoning plan for building rights.