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Swiss Life Completes the Acquisition of NRP

Norway Norway — Swiss Life Asset Managers has completed the acquisition of NRP's real estate business with effect from 1 December 2021, having obtained the requisite approval of the Norwegian financial supervisory authority.

NRP Buys in Stavanger

Norway Norway — Ness Risan & Partners acquires combination property in Stavanger.

NRP's Latest Investment Move: “We Look at the Whole Spectrum”

Norway Norway — Christian Ness, Managing Partner at NRP, the logistics investor in the Nordics, on why the company together with Anaxo Forvaltning are setting up a new fund for investments in listed real estate securities, and which segments that are the most interesting.

NRP Launches New Fund and Hires Swedish Fund Manager

Norway Norway — Ness, Risan & Partners and Anaxo Forvaltning are setting up a new fund for investments listed real estate securities. The fund will be managed by Peter Norhammar, a top Swedish fund manager holding extensive experience from the Nordic real estate sector.

Wilfast and NRP Makes Logistics Acquisitions for SEK 1 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Wilfast, together with the Norwegian investment company Ness, Risan & Partners (NRP), has acquired two logistics properties totaling approximately 25,000 square meters of lettable area. One property is located in Arlanda City and is just over 14,000 square meters and the other is in Örebro and is 10,000 square meters.

Why It Is Getting More Difficult to Acquire Logistics

Nordic — Wilfast's CEO Mattias Wilson reveals an upcoming giant deal and tells why they have not acquired as much as they wanted to so far this year.

The Benefits of Logistics in Helsinki

Finland Finland — NRP’s Head of Real Estate Knut Ekjord on the latest purchase in Finland, the collaboration with Wilfast and why Finland is attractive for logistics investments.

NRP and Wilfast Acquires in Helsinki

Nordic — Swedish Wilfast, together with Norwegian Ness, Risan & Partners (NRP), participates in transactions in Finland and Sweden.

NRP Fund VIII Closes Above Target Size

Norway Norway — Oslo-based, Nordic Real Estate alternative investment manager Ness Risan & Partners (NRP) has completed the final closing of NRP Fund VIII. Target fund size was MNOK 1,500 (approx. EUR 150M) and the fund was oversubscribed and closed at MNOK 1,600 (approx. EUR 160M). The Fund has already completed eight investments in the Nordics, and is well under way to establish a diversified portfolio both geographically and in segments.

Allianz Real Estate and CBRE GIP Acquire Nordic Logistics Portfolio

Nordic — Allianz and CBRE Global Investment Partners (CBRE GIP) have joined forces and acquired a Nordic logistics portfolio through a Norwegian fund vehicle managed by Ness, Risan & Partners (NRP).

NRP Buys Two Office Properties in Kristiansand

Norway Norway — NRP acquires two fully let properties in Kristiansand in southern Norway.

NRP Buys in Trondheim

Norway Norway — NRP buys a fully automated logistics property in Trondheim.

NRP Buys Large Logistic Property

Sweden Sweden — Ness, Risan & Partners (NRP) acquires one of the largest modern logistics facilities in the Nordics. The deal is a sale-leaseback with well-known Swedish discount retailer Rusta AB.

NRP Sells Logistics Portfolio to GLL

Norway Norway — Ness, Risan & Partners (NRP) sells logistics portfolio in Finland to GLL, a Munich based real estate fund manager group. The purchase was backed by South Korean investors.

SBB's First Norwegian Acquistion

Norway Norway — Samhällsbyggnadsbollaget (SBB) has aqcuired the company’s first property in Norway. The property is of 26,000 sqm. It’s newly renovated and has the Norwegian State as tenant.

Norwegians Makes Large Purchase in Finland

Finland Finland — Norwegian company NRP (Ness Risan & Partners) has completed a purchase of 4 properties and a developmennt site to be completed in 2016 from Posti in Finland. Total price is approx. €120M.