After the Major Divestment in Oslo – This Is Obos’ Investment Plan

Norway Norway — Obos Eiendom's Executive Vice President Nils Morten Bøhler on why the commercial market in Norway at the moment is favorable to divest on and the major projects that lie ahead of Obos Eiendom.

Obos Sells in Bergen

Norway Norway — Obos Eiendom sells Ørnen Eiendom to Oslo Pensjonsforsikring for MNOK 800 (EUR 83M). Ørnen Eiendom owns Lars Hillesgate 18 in Bergen, home to a 19,000 sqm hotel.

Veidekke to Build new Oppsal Centre in Oslo

Norway Norway — Veidekke Entreprenør has signed a contract with OBOS to build the new Oppsal Centre in eastern Oslo with around 200 residential units and 5,000 sqm of non-residential property. The contract is valued at MNOK 525 (€57 M) excluding VAT.