The original Oppsal Centre dates back to 1964 and is currently being demolished to make way for a new centre with 200 modern apartments with good light conditions. The homes will be in several apartment blocks up to eight stories in height above the new centre. The first 54 flats were put on sale in October, and 36 were sold immediately. Sale of the next stage is planned for mid-January 2016. The non-residential property will include a supermarket, hairdresser, pharmacy, baker and health services. Oppsal Centre has been and will remain a vibrant community centre for everyone living in the area.

"We feel that Veidekke is an appropriate and good choice for this project. OBOS has good experience from previous partnerships with Veidekke on similar projects, and we therefore have great expectations toward the job in hand," says EVP for commercial property with OBOS, Nils Morten Bøhler.

"We appreciate the trust OBOS has shown in us by choosing Veidekke as partner in developing and building the Oppsal Centre. OBOS is a highly professional customer we have had the pleasure of cooperating with on several projects, and this is a partnership that is both instructive to us and helps us develop," says district manager Hans Olav Sørlie of Veidekke.