How the major Trondheim deal came up

Norway Norway — Entra’s CEO Sonja Horn on the EUR 570 million deal: “We have never put the Trondheim portfolio up for sale, but…”

Major deal ahead: Entra signs LOI for Trondheim portfolio divestment

Norway Norway — Entra has signed a letter of intent regarding the sale of its Trondheim portfolio to E C Dahls Eiendom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reitan Eiendom AS.

JM makes two new acquisitions in Norway

Norway Norway — JM has acquired building rights for the development of approximately 130 homes in Brundalen near the center of Trondheim and building rights for the development of approximately 75 homes in the center of Bergen.

NCC to Build Soccer Hall in Trondheim

Norway Norway — NCC has been commissioned by Trondheim Municipality to build Granåsen soccer hall in Trondheim. Construction will commence in June 2023 and is scheduled for completion in the end of 2024. The order value is approximately SEK 230 million.

Veidekke Builds Residential Units in Trondheim Area

Norway Norway — Veidekke has signed a contract with Lilleby Eiendom AS to build Smelteverket 1, an eco-certified apartment building across five storeys with 41 units and underground parking. The contract is a design and build contract valued at approx. NOK 130 million excluding VAT.

The Logistics Opportunities Ahead in Norway

Norway Norway — Jørgen Bråten Nordby, Investment Manager at Logicenters, on the recent acquisition in Heimdal, the attraction to the area, and the Norwegian investment targets for 2022.

Entra Signs Lease Contract in Trondheim

Norway Norway — Entra has signed new lease contracts with Telenor and Famille and renewed the contract with Sjømat Norge for a total of 3,260 sqm in Brattørkaia 13 (Tollboden) in Trondheim.

NCC to Construct New Office Building for KLP Eiendom

Norway Norway — NCC is to construct the Teknostallen office building of more than 46,000 square meters in central Trondheim on behalf of KLP Eiendom AS. The assignment is scheduled to be completed in 2025 and the order value amounts nearly SEK 900 million.

NCC to Construct Sports Facility in Trondheim

Norway Norway — NCC and Trondheim Municipality have signed an agreement to construct the new Granåsen winter sport venue in Trondheim, Norway. The project has been optimized in an initial phase during which the parties worked together to devise suitable technical solutions and plans for the implementation phase. The order is worth approximately SEK 470 million.

Skanska Builds new Bridge in Trondheim for NOK 805 Million

Norway Norway — Skanska has signed a contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on the construction of a new bridge in Trondheim, Norway. The contract is worth NOK 805 M, about SEK 800 M, which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the third quarter 2020.

Entra Signs New Lease Contract in Trondheim

Norway Norway — The Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency (Sykehusbygg) has signed a new 2,200 square meters lease contract in Trondheim.

NCC to Build Clinic in Trondheim

Norway Norway — NCC has been commissioned by St. Olavs Hospital HF to build a high-security clinic for psychiatric care at Østmarka in Trondheim, Norway.

Skanska on the Dispute in Trondheim

Norway Norway — Skanska first received a building permit for 80 new apartments and retail facilities in an area in Trondheim. The county administrative board then put a stop to it. Now, however, the process is up and running again. Representative of Skanska comment on the chaos.

EG Dahls Eiendom Purchases in Trondheim

Norway Norway — EG Dahls Eiendom has purchased the neighboring property to Britannia in Trondheim, from Telenor’s pension fund.

NorgesGruppen Divests to Ragde

Norway Norway — Edgar Haugen’s Ragde Eiendom has purchased a package of four retail properties from NorgesGruppen.

New Big Projects For Skanska in Trondheim

Norway Norway — In just a few weeks Skanska Bygg Trondheim has secured four new construction projects with a total contract value of €110M (NOK 1 billion).

Skanska to Construct School in Norway For About €61 M

Norway Norway — Skanska has signed a contract with Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune to build the new Heimdal school in Trondheim, Norway. The contract is worth NOK 580M (about €61 M).

Skanska Constructs Educational Facilities in Trondheim for over €30M

Norway Norway — Skanska has signed a contract with E.C. Dahls Eiendom AS to refurbish existing facilities and construct new buildings at Sør-Trøndelag University College in Trondheim, Norway.