“We would like to thank Nordr and the other owners of Lilleby Eiendom for yet another attractive contract. We have had close and excellent collaboration on the development of the old industrial area at Lilleby. At Veidekke we are very proud of our contribution to what in many contexts is a pioneering project in modern urban development,” says regional director Torgeir Wiig with Veidekke Bygg Trøndelag.

Smelteverket 1 will be an apartment building with five storeys above ground and underground parking and storage areas. The 41 apartments vary in size from 38 to 89 m2 and will be certified in accordance with the environmental BREEAM-NOR Very Good standard. 50 per cent of Lilleby Eiendom is owned by Nordr Norge AS, and 50 per cent by other owners, and it is Nordr that will take on the role of client in the project.

“We recognise that Lilleby is a flagship in the development of Trondheim, and apartments continue to sell very well. We have succeeded better than many others in a turbulent market, and are pleased that we, together with Veidekke, once again can start construction of a new project without delays,” says Urban Director Anders Teodorsen with Nordr Trondheim.

Construction starts in January, with completion scheduled for the summer of 2024.